Friday, May 6, 2011

Cotton Theory Class - May 14th

Hi Ladies,
I finally got most of the information that we need for the tote we will be making.
Size 10x15x4
Kit will be in neutrals - Beige on one side and taupe on the other.
Items you will need:
14/90 topstich needles
Cotton Theory Quilting guide
Thread Snips
Sharp Scissors
Thin, sharp, straight pins
1" x 12" ruler
Seam Ripper
Note Pad & pencil
I have asked to make sure that she will bring guides for you to buy ($5.39).  Also, she said that it is a good idea to bring your manual for your sewing machine, so that you can play with the stitches. 
We will be having potluck, unless everyone would rather order out.  Pete's Pizza delivers out that far. 
Please let me know which you would rather do, majority rules.
Thanks, Sandy

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