Thursday, October 6, 2011

September/Oct News!

We’ve had a busy month!  Thanks to everyone for participating and helping at this year’s Quilt Show! We have a guild full of talented quilters!  This newsletter is going to cover the Oct. meeting agenda and the September meeting notes.

October Meeting – Thursday, Oct. 13h – 6 pm – Potluck! 

We’re keepin’ it lite this month with lots of quilting and sewing fun!

6 – 7 pm – Potluck Dinner

Hostesses are Diane Havens, Patsy Larson, Meg Tryba, Bridget Mortenson – hostesses, please bring the plates, cups, plastic ware.

7 – 8 pm – Quilt Show Review, Show & Tell from Ribbon Quilts, Officer nominations & voting, New Member forms.

·           We will not be covering info from the non-profit committee for this meeting.  So busy with quilt show, committee has not had a chance to meet.  This will be on the November agenda.

·           VISITORS!  Challenge Quilts given to Reps from Westfield’s hospital

·           UFO Prize Drawing – All those that participated in the UFO challenge, the winner will be drawn!

·           Ribbon winners – please bring your winning items for those folks that could not make it to the show.  We’ll have show and tell!  (Or if you have an item you finished in September and would like to show, bring it on in!)

·           Please see the attached new member form.  If you can fill your form out in advance, that would be helpful. You only need to fill out one form, two is there for printing purposes.   We’re getting large enough that to keep track of member information can be tricky! 


Here’s a note from Donelle & the Silent Auction Committee. 

The Silent Auction Committee has decided to use the funds raised from the auction to purchase items that Grace Place has told us they need. Namely, Grace Place expressed a need for mattress pads. Additionally, Betty mentioned that she is going to donate some pillowcases she made. This got me thinking; How many more pillowcases could be made during the October Annual Meeting? So the officers decided to try and get an answer to that question, but we'll need your help. Here’s the details:

·           Anyone who is willing/able to; please bring your sewing machine, neutral color thread, pins & an extension cord to the October meeting.

·           Everyone who wants to make a pillowcase will be provided pre-cut fabric and directions.

·           Instructions for making a pillowcase using the "Burrito Method" will be led by Meg Tryba & Nancy Maki.  You should be able to complete a pillowcase in 15 - 20 minutes.

·           All of the pillowcases will then be added to the donation going to Grace Place.

Please contact any of the officers if you have any questions. We're looking forward to a fun evening and spending some time sewing together

September 2011 Meeting Notes:

August meeting minutes were approved.

Correspondence – Thank you from Ralph Knutson (Cindy Peer’s brother), Please keep Loralei Miller in your thoughts and prayers.  WE LOVE YOU LORALEI!  

Siren Show is October 8th & 9th.  You can visit this link to find out more:

UFO – all the UFO numbers are now done!  (Start compiling your next list ladies!)  We will have the drawing for UFO at the Oct. meeting.

Mystery Quilt – Clue #3 was given out.

Stash busters – Betty Schmit brought in fabric.  10 ½ blocks, unfinished.  Use the red in the big flower ONLY! 

Quilt Show Reminders – this section of the meeting was just talking about reminders for the show.  Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Treasurer Voting

Linda Strilecky moved that we rescind our decision from the August meeting to hold the Treasurer voting one month early, Mary Johnson seconded.  Approved.  Treasurer position would be voted along with VP at the October meeting.  Meg Tryba volunteered to take over the position until a new Treasurer was in place.  Audit Committee was formed- Meg Tryba, Linda Strilecky, Patsy Larson and Barb Rogers. 

Non-Profit Discussion

Tax ID number and current research on non-profits was discussed.  Julie LaBarre moved and Nancy Maki seconded that we accept the new Tax ID number.  Approved.  We will use this new number on the Guild’s banking account.  Non-profit committee of Kelly Stodola, Eileen Van Dyk, Sandy Balcerek and Meg Tryba was formed.  Further research will be done and brought back to the guild for review.

Perfect Pillowcases


One Pillowcase:                                                                      Pair of pillowcases:

2/3 yard main fabric                                                              1 1/3 yards main fabric

3/8 yard trim fabric                                                                ¾ yards trim fabric

1/8 yard fabric for “pop” strip                                              1/8 yard fabric for “pop” strip


1.       Cut the main fabric to 24”X 40”.

2.       Cut trim fabric to 13” X 40”.

3.       Cut “pop” strip to 1 ½” X 40”.

4.       Fold “pop” strip in half, right sides together.  Press.  Pin to right side of main fabric.


5.       Pin trim fabric to “pop” strip and main fabric, right sides together.

6.      Pull trim fabric down over the bottom of main fabric and up until it reaches the top of the main fabric.  Pin together with main fabric, “pop” strip and other side of trim fabric.  This will form a tube with the whole main fabric inside the tube.  Stich at least ¼ “  seam allowance. Make sure all fabrics are stitched in.                

7.      Pull the main fabric out one end of the tube.  Press.

8.      Fold casein half with wrong sides together. 

9.      Sew ¼ “ seam along the side and bottom of case.

10.  Turn case wrong side out and press all seams well.

11.  Stich along seamed edge making sure to stitch a seam wider than the seam in step 9.  (You want to be sure the whole seam in step 9 is enclosed in this seam.

12.   Turn and press.  There will be no exposed seams ! !   Trim any string that may be exposed being careful not to cut the pillowcase.

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