Friday, August 10, 2012

Jean Carlton - Guest Speaker Recap

Hey gals, if you are not on Facebook - time to open an account! Lots of great sharing, we are linked up with all the major quilt shops in MN and WI - so you get the latest news.  Just holler if you need help getting set up!

Here's just a brief recap of Jean Carlton's visit.  We want to keep some stuff a surprise for the show!

We're very happy to know she will be with us again at our 2012 Quilt Show, so we are sharing just a bit of what was gone through last night.  Our show just around the corner on 9/29-9/30! She will be booking 1/2 hour appointments.  Public is welcome to view the appraisals (if you would like private appt - just let us know!) You can be confident that Jean will not share monetary info during the appraisal - you'll get that all in writing for your private use.  Very, very informative talk last night!  Biggest take-away from the night was LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!  Did you know that during the MN Quilt Project that in over 4000 quilts documented, only about 185 actually had labels?  All that history gone!  Jean recommends just using a piece of muslin with freezer paper backing, use a permanent acid free pen and write the basics, made by, date, place and if it's a gift - who it's given to!  Also, take pictures of your quilts - full, close-up and of that important label!  Start picking away at your stash of quilts!

Remember - if you want to book an appointment, just go to our Quilt Show page and scroll down to the form!
Here are some pics from last night!
Jean is very informative and funny!  

This red and white quilt was so beautiful!

Keep those doll quilts! They are rate and can be very valuable!

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