Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Newsletter

Our next meeting will be April 11 at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in New Richmond at 6:30 pm.

Nancy Maki, Rhonda Nyhus, Patience Biedler and Lynn Munson are scheduled to serve in April.

There were a number of show and tell items. Kay told of making "Best Starch" and will send out the recipe to everyone.

Mary Jo brought in the basket which was then won by Hope Dietrich. The basket brought in $11.00.  

It was noted that we are out of forks and cups.  Patsy will purchase some and put them in our bin at the church.

Amotion was made by Cindy Peer and seconded by Linda Justman to accept the February Minutes.

A motion was made by Alicia Rangel Cypher and seconded by Gay Johnson that any materials or supplies purchased with funds from the quild are property of the guild and must be turned in to the guild after a lesson or presentation is done.

Kathy Kloetzke is recovering from her knee surgery.  There were several thank you correspondences for caring quilts, get well wishes, and memorials.

Betty Schmit reported that we gave 4 caring quilts last month. Block kits were available for everyone  to take to make more quilts. 

In April Kelly Stodola will demonstrate Art Quilting. Members do not need to bring any supplies.

Becky reported that there is a new quilt shop open in Stillwater on Highway 5 across from the high school.

Committee reports:
  RETREAT: April 5-7  starting at 8am on Friday and concludes Sunday. Cost is $93.00. Everyone attending is asked to bring a mug. Hope passed out a paper with the information on this. Family and friends could be invited.  At the time of the meeting there were 8 people paid. 
  2014 RAFFLE QUILT: The committee is working on the design,
     *Theme is "Decades of Stitches"
     *The dates are September 28 from 9-4 and September 29 from 11-3.
     *Cost of admission has been changed to $5 per person.
     *There will be a bed turning event. If you have a quilt you want to show, talk to a member of the committee. You must supply the history/story of the quilt which will be read when your quilt comes up to be turned. 
     *Guild members are being asked to give a demonstration on a quilting technique.     
     *Will have a display board with pictures of members and history of the quilt. 
     *Vendor letters have been sent out. We are asking vendors if they are interested in giving a demonstration.  
     *Plan to make more sign boards to be placed in more areas to advertise the quilt  show. 
     *Looking into getting t-shirts with "Got Enough Fabric" printed on them and selling them for $10-$15.
A motion was made by Alicia and seconded by Meg Byrum to NOT buy and  the sell t-shirts at the quilt show.  The idea to purchase t-shirts for members only was tabled. Betty Schmit will check with a local company that has done some for us previously. The company already has our logo in their records.

Alicia asked for some information to take to the Rice Lake quilt show where she is vending to advertise our show.

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