Monday, November 24, 2014

November meeting minutes

November 2014 Meeting Notes    NOTE: Start time 6 for pot luck Dec. 11th

December hostesses will be:  JoDee Johnston, Kelly Stodola, & Eileen Van Dyk

Thank you to Oct. hostesses Sandy B., Mary P., and Hope D.

President Erica Olson opened the meeting after we enjoyed our refreshments.

Several Show items and several Tells were shared.

October meeting minutes were approved as written. KS/MT
October Treasurer’s Report given. Report was approved as presented. DF/MT

No participation with raffle basket or stashbusters at this meeting. 
New fabric squares available to complete for next meeting.  Stashbuster colors for these new squares are gold/black/ or white.
Also 16 kit packets available to complete and return. Thank you Mary Jo A. for assembling donated fabric into kits.

Nominations for President were called, with present President indicating an interest in another term.  With no other names coming forth, by general consensus, Erica will continue as President for the next term of two years.

-      Letter sent to St. Croix County Fair Board reviewing our concerns on displaying quilts there.  No response has been received at this time.
-      Grace Place Fund-raiser 11/22 discussed. Motion carried, KS/PL to distribute basket we have ready and to participate at bronze level ($125) giving the two event tickets to our President and her guest to enjoy. 
-      2015 Quilt Retreats: Meg Tryba reviewed details.  JoDee has contract for Jan. 8th-11th event at Oak Forest.  Bring registration checks payable to Oak Forest for Thurs - Sun at $142.50 or Fri - Sun at $95 to Dec meeting OR make arrangements with Kelly S. or Meg T so they will receive your information by then.       Spring dates are April 10th thru 12th Fri - Sun only option at $95.

Program Committee requested everyone bring in a list of your waiting and unfinished projects to the Dec. meeting.  The new Round Tuit program will be explained then.  This list should be brought in every meeting. 

For the Dec. meeting, please bring in 2 fat quarters for one of the activities planned.  Remember start time 6 pm, with pot luck food items.

Handouts for Mystery Quilt were distributed.

The Guild participated in a lengthy discussion regarding the responsibilities of each member with the Guild activities, fund-raisers, and follow-through on communications and commitments.   It was determined a survey would be the best assessment tool to allow input from the full membership addressing participation in/or on Quilt Show Committee or Show and annual vs bi-annual Shows; evaluating retaining stashbusters?  Raffle baskets?  Committee assignments, etc.

Rather than putting too much responsibility on too few members, do we need to eliminate some items, or re-evaluate how we will be able to accomplish some of our commitments by sharing the workloads involved?   Together, with each doing a part, we can continue to support our community, while we expand our quilting skills and have fun doing it. 

A survey will be distributed shortly so please participate and add any comments with your ideas.    These surveys need to be returned by December 1st to allow time to review results at the December meeting.  Motion carried KS/DF.

Correspondence was read.

Motion to adjourn. KS/MT

December 11th at 6 pm will be a pot luck with some fun activities.  Review what items to bring as noted above.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Simonds, Secretary  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Meeting Notes

Some reminders for the October meeting.

Meeting will start at 6 pm and we are having potluck with Jean Krumm, Cindy Peer and Alicia Cypher as hostesses.

We will be nominating and voting for a new President and Secretary.  

Retreat committee for 2015 are Bridget Larson, Kelly Stodola and Meg Tryba.

Quilt show winners and money totals are attached.  Silent auction money will be announced at the meeting as not all money has been collected.

September 2014
Guests - Sue Powers

Show & Tell was held

Meeting minutes from August were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report was approved as written

Correspondence was read.

We need nominations for President and Secretary to be voted on at the October meeting.
Committees list for the next year will be passed out at the October meeting.

Veterans quilt will be given away on Saturday, September 13th.

Cutting Curves class with Debbie Bowles, Saturday, September 13th starting at 9 am at Stanton Town Hall.  Please be ready to sew at 9 am.  Cost of class is $10.

Quilt Show

We need silent auction items, there is a box of items left over from last year here.
We have 61 quilts entered in the show right now, if you have anything else you would like to enter, please contact Sandy.

Sale quilts, please fill out a sale form if you are interested in selling any quilts at show.  If you have entered the quilt in show, please include a picture with your form.

Bed Turning, we only have 3 entries, I would like to see 5 more.

Quilt show schedule has lots of open spots on it, please sign up to work at show.
We will set up racks at 2 pm, please come help if you are able.

Quilt check in is 3 - 6 pm on Friday.

Raffle tickets, money and stubs are due Friday night at show, there will be a bag at the check in table for them.

Guild challenge was voted on.
Mary Jo Allison was first.
Meg Tryba was second.

Retreat is January 8th to 11th.  Erica will look up the committee members.
Who is in charge of April Retreat?

Meeting Adjourned

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Meeting Notes

Hostesses are Jean Potter, Mary Simonds and Mary Jo Allison.
Sandy Balcerek will be taking over Secretary duties for Cathy Smith until the new Secretary is voted in at the October meeting.  Please send anything you want sent out the members to Sandy.

Betty has asked that if you bring all caring quilt blocks and quilts to the September meeting.  If you can't make the meeting, please contact Betty to get them to her.  Thank-you.

WRPM August 2014 Meeting Minutes

Mary Johnson was back tonight!  Welcome, Mary!!!

Guild challenge was due tonight, but as it was not in the minutes from the July meeting, some members did not bring their quilts.  A motion was made by Kelly and seconded by Donelle that we move the challenge voting to the September meeting.  Motion carried.  Please bring your finished challenge quilt to the September meeting for member voting.

Mary Jo Allison will replace Maxine Volkert for Hostess at the September meeting.

Show and Tell was held.

Minutes for the July meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer report was approved as written.

Member Diane Havens was in Senior Lifestyle in an article about sewing dresses for girls out of sheets.  Good Job Diane!!

Stash Busters – any color that is in the fabric.

Grace Place
Erica purchased $300 worth of items for them and dropped it off at Grace Place.

Caring Quilts – there are quilts here that need to be quilted and bound.  Please let Betty know if you are taking one home.
Betty asked if she could make a basket for an event at Ready Randy’s in November.  A motion was made to allow Betty to make a basket, motion carried.

Quilt show update
Registration Forms – are due to Sandy Balcerek on September 4th.  Each item must have it’s own form.  Please mail or email them to Sandy.

Quilt sale forms – are due at the September meeting.  You must have one of these forms filled out even if your quilt is in show.  Please provide a picture of the quilt if it is in show, this will help the customers identify the quilt.

Silent Auction Items – please turn these items Jean P. or Donelle at the September meeting.  Jean will bring the items left over from last year to the sew day next Saturday, so people can see what we have.

Raffle tickets – due Friday night of the show.  If you are not coming to show, contact Sandy to hand them in.

Business – please sign up to hang an item at a business.

Schedules – please sign up to work at the show.  These will be at the September meeting as well. 

Food is available at the show from 8am to 2 pm on Saturday.

Sew Day
          August 23rd starting at 9am.  Lunch will be potluck. 
September 13th
          Debbie Boles of Maple Island Quilts will be teaching 3 different curve techniques.  We will start at 9am, please be ready to sew at 9am.  This is a six hour class.  $10 fee per person.  YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR CLASS.  A supply list will follow.

Correspondence was read.
Raffle Basket was won by Mary Jo Allison
Stash Busters was won by Mary Jo Allison
Meeting Adjourned

Reminder:  Nominations are needed for President and Secretary to be voted on at the October meeting.

Monday, August 11, 2014

July Meeting Notes

Our next WRPM meeting will be held on Thursday August 14, 6:30pm at St. Lukes Church in New Richmond.

Hostessess:  Gay, Yvonne and Kay

Mary Pagel won the stashbuster  blocks.  Meg Byram provided the fabric for our next blocks. Reminder:  stashbuster blocks

Instructions for the next section of block of the month were handed out.

Wonderful program presented on nine patch possibilities.

Show and tell was enjoyed by everyone.

Minutes and treasurers report read and approved.

Linda Justmann went over the Income and Expense report.

Discussed giving St. Luke's Church a donation for the generous use of their facility.  It was decided to give $200.

The quilt store in Siren Wisconsin will be closing soon.

Grace Place needs paper products and cleaning supplies.  Linda and Erica will shop for $300 worth of supplies to be donated to them.

You may bring your silent auction items to either of the next two meetings.   Silent auction items do not need to be quilted items.  Baked goods, garden produce, craft items are just a few ideas. 

Meeting adjourned.

Monday, July 7, 2014

This Thursday Meeting Presenter!

Just a reminder that we have  a guest speaker coming to our meeting on Thursday evening.  Anne Hollenbach will be presenting Nine Patch Possibilities.  Should be a great evening!!!  See you there.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Meeting Notes

Our next meeting will be held July 10, 6:30pm at St. Lukes Church. Jodee Johnston and Cathy Smith are hostesses.

Our annual picnic was held  at the Roberts Park Building
Show & Tell was held

Minutes were approved as written
Treasurer report was approved as written

Jean Potter received a thank-you from Erica for running the meetings while she was in class this semester.
Thank-you from Deerfield for coming to share quilts and stories
Caring quilt committee received fabric from a woman with terminal lung cancer.

Old Business
Name Tags were voted on #1 won, Sandy will work on these for next meeting.

New Business
Retreat for 2015 (Jan 8-12)  Will cost an additional $6, total will be $142.50.  Motion was made to accept the new price and send in the contract.  Motion carried.  JoDee will sign the contract and send it in.

Motion was made to give something to St. Luke's to thank them for the use of the church.  (money or a quilt) Erica will contact the Church and get back to us next month at to which they prefer.

Grace Place needs volunteers and/or supplies, this was tabled until next month.

St. Croix County Fair July 17th

Sandy handed out the next Block of the month.

Those that attended the Sew day at the end of May worked on Caring quilts.

Stash Busters fabric was handed out, match any colors in the fabric.

Meg Byram was Stash Busters for next month.
Raffle Basket was Mary Pagel

Meeting Adjourned.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Meeting Notes

Guests: None
Hostesses:  Becky K, Kathy K and Julie

Next meeting - Picnic at Robert Park Building 6 pm Potluck
Hostesses for June are Donelle, Patsy, and Nancy G. they need to bring plates, utensils and drinks

Show and Tell was done

Minutes from April approved as written

Deerfield, May 28th 1:45 Wed - show quilts and give a short presentation on the quilt.
Name Tags - 4 styles were passed around and voted on #1 and #3 were the closest and will be voted on again in June

Stash Busters blocks won by Kelly Stodola

New fabric for stash busters was passed around, please add yellow, purple or green.

Treasurer's report was approved as written

Correspondance was read

Quilt garage sale in Somerset end of May, Erica will forward information to Cathy to send to the guild.

Cancer Care Kits - Lotions and other items.  Want to hand out with the caring quilts.
Block of month will start on May 31st at the Sew Day at Stanton Town hall.  Please sign up if you are interested.  If you cannot make the sew day, please contact Sandy.  You will receive a block or two each month through next May(2015) and then you will receive finishing instructions.

Quilt show update - Registration forms were handed out, biggest change is the pieced by and quilted by.  Please put in the business name of the person who quilted your quilt, for example Jean Potter of Topstitchery.

Quilts at businesses, it was decided that the list of businesses would be only 10 to 15 businesses.

Food will be available on Saturday form 8 am to 2 pm

Please pick up your raffle tickets, there are pictures now available.

Raffle Basket won by Sandy Balcerek

St. Croix County Fair
Entries due by June 15th, these are now done online at
Go to the Events tab, then open class (junior fair) then online entry.
Make an account and enter your information.
Can make changes up to July 1st.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April Meeting Notes


May Hostesses:  Becky Koehler, Kathy Kloetzke and Julie LaBarre

Wonderful treats were served.

Grandma Hilda came to our meeting and did a trunk show of her antique quilts and supplies, and told the stories behind them.  She presented a very entertaining program.

Show and Tell was held.

Raffle basket was supplied by Linda Justmann and won by Meg Tryba. 

Minutes and treasurers reports approved.

Deerfield has asked if anyone would be interested in displaying quilts on May 28, 1:45pm.  We will be discussing this in more detail at the May meeting.

We are looking for ideas for new nametags.  Bring a mock up to the May meeting

Stashbuster blocks were won by Julie LaBarre.  For next month use any coordinating fabric to make your 12 1/2 unfinished block.

Everyone is invited to Nancy Maki's 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

The VFW and Mary Simonds thanks the Willow River Piecemakers for allowing them to borrow our quilt rack to display the VFW raffle quilt.

Packets for then 2015 raffle quilt were handed out.

Silent Auction is accepting your donations now. 

Our June meeting will be held at the Roberts Community Park at 6:00pm on June 12. More information will be available at the May meeting.

On May 3 Jan Rondeau will be teaching our guild the Pineapple pattern made with pineapple ruler and the book Positively Pineapple.  We will meet at 9am at the Stanton Town Hall and will have pot luck for lunch.

Spring retreat raised $21 for Five Loaves.  Spring retreat for next year will be held April 16-19, 2015 at Oak Forest. 

Meeting adjourned.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Meeting Rescheduled!



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pineapple Class this Satuday, 9 AM Stanton Town Hall!

Here is a note from Jean Potter about this Saturday's class!

Hi Everyone....
I wanted to take a minute to say.. I hope that you are all ready for our Pineapple Class!!! I know that some of you have all of your fabric cut and ready to go. I will be working on getting mine cut this week..
A couple of noteworthy things:
    I am planning on a pot-luck lunch..... in the event that any of you suffer from food allergies, not sure if you would rather bring your own or not, I will leave that up to you as individuals. I will be bringing a crock pot of Tomatoe Bisque soup......
In addition, we have at least 1 ironing board but will likely need a couple more.... and some irons to go with (not sure how many irons we have stored at Stanton Town Hall)
I hope that I haven't forgotten anything ---- if I have just let me know - Jean

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Minutes!

Meeting called to order by President Erica Olson. Our April meeting will be held on Thursday, April 10, 6:30pm at St. Lukes Church. Nancy Maki, JoDee Johnston, and Meg Byram served lunch. Thank you very much for the treats. April servers are Mary Jo Allison, Betty Schmit, and Linda Justman. Note to hostesses: we need more forks. Minutes and treasurer's report were approved. Mary showed the completed raffle quilt for the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Quilt. The quilt is called a Veterans Quilt and will be raffled at "hope for heroes" event on September 13th with NR VFW Ladies Auxiliary using proceeds for veterans families in need. Our raffle quilt display rack was authorized to be used to the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. More beautiful quilts were shown by various guild members. Spring retreat is being held April 4-6. Send money to Hope Dietrich, 1946 County Road CC, New Richmond, WI 54017. Checks should be made out to Oak Forest Center, $95 for one meal on Friday, three on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. (Arrival time noon on Friday), or $101 for two meals on Friday, arrival time 9:00am. Everyone going to retreat should bring 2 9-inch squares of fabric, 8 1/2 square of batting, a baby picture of self, 3 white elephant gifts, and 4 fat quarters of fabric. There are still spots available. Contact Hope Dietrich. Mary Johnson will be coming back to the area at the end of March. Becky Koehler shared that has free patterns, also check out Missouri Star Quilt Co. for deals. Thank you Becky. Guests were Cheri Schmitt and Doreen Minnick. Both have now joined the guild. A big welcome to our new members. Explained the raffle basket and stashbusters to our visitors. Discussed getting new name tags. The cost will be $2.00 per tag. Bring ideas to the April meeting. Historian is needed for the guild. No one has volunteered yet, please consider helping out with this. Wheel chair quilts given to the nursing home, and 5 caring quilts given out. Please help to make blocks so we can replenish our quilts available. Thank you, Betty, for all your hard work you do on the Caring Quilt Committee. Our quilt show will be held September 27-28. Silent Auction items will be collected at all meetings. Please bring donations. The cafeteria will be open on Saturday from 8am till 2pm. Flyers will be ready soon. Letters to the vendors have been sent. Raffle tickets will be handed out soon. The Pineapple class scheduled for March 29 has been moved to May 3, 9:00am at the Stanton Town Hall. March 29 will now be an open sewing day with lunch on your own. Raffle Basket won by Linda Justman. Grandma Hilda will be coming to our April 10th meeting. She will be doing a trunk show of here antique quilts, quilting supplies and telling the stories behind the quilts. We look forward to her presentation. Meeting adjourned.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sewing Day & Spring Retreat!

If you are interested in going to Spring Retreat - 4/4-4/6 - download the pdf here

Stanton Town Hall Sewing Day - 10 am, Saturday, 3.29.14 - Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meeting Rescheduled!

Meeting is rescheduled for next Thursday, 3/20 at the church..6:30 pm..see you there!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3/13 Meeting Cancelled

We have to cancel this weeks meeting due to another event happening at the church. We are unsure if we can reschedule for the following week at this time. Stay tuned to your email or Facebook for additional updates! If you know someone that does not check email frequently, please help by calling and letting them know of the cancellation! Thanks!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March News!

Next meeting:  Thursday, March 13, 6:30pm at St. Luke's Church, New Richmond

Hostesses:  Nancy Maki, Jodi Johnston, Meg Byram
(More Cups needed for the next meeting)

Minutes and treasurer's report approved.

Spring retreat will be held April 4, 12:00 noon through April 6, 4:00pm.  Cost is $95.  Contact Kelly Stodola for more information if you cannot attend the March meeting.

Wisconsin Quilt Expo will be held September 4-6.  Donelle will coordinate travel arrangements if our guild is interested in attending as a group. 

Considering updating name tags.  Cost will be looked into and more information will be available later.

The borders and bindings class and sewing day scheduled for February 22 was cancelled because of bad weather.++

Pineapple quilt class scheduled on March 29 has been rescheduled for May 3.   More information will follow next month.

Stash busters won by Mary Simonds.

Raffle Basket was provided by Linda Justman and won by Sandy Balcerek.

The theme for the quilt show in September will be "I Spy:. The Cafeteria will be open on Saturday

It's time to start planning on your items for the Silent Auction.  You may bring your items to our meetings at any time. 

It was also decided that members who would like to sell their quilts at the show will be able to do so.

The raffle quilt is finished.  Pictures will be out soon.

We all enjoyed show and tell and treats. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sew Day!

Just a note to remind everyone that we will be meeting at the Stanton Town Hall on County Road T at 10:00am this Saturday, February 22  for a sewing day.  There will be demonstrations on borders and bindings, and scallop borders. 

If you are wanting to work on a small fabric piece with mitered corners, please bring the following:  a piece of fabric at least 18 inches square or a fat quarter, and enough fabric to sew three pieces of fabric together for borders. Also rulers thread, marker and sewing machine.  Jean Krumm will be teaching the demo on Mitered Corners. 

Betty Schmit will be bringing 6 different block patterns  (the fabric is already cut for piecing!!!!!)  Everyone is invited to help make a block or two for our next caring quilts.

Bring your sewing machine and supplies. 

Hope to see everyone on Saturday

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February News!

Our next meeting will be held at St Luke's Church on February 13 at 6:30pm

Hostesses for February;  Kelly Stodola, Meg Tryba, Heidi Headlee

Jean Potter, VP welcomed everyone in place of President Erica Olson.

Treats were enjoyed while Show and Tell was held.  Minutes approved and Treasurer's report given. Raffle basket  supplied by Erica Olson and won by Linda Justman. 

If anyone has pillowcases to donate to Grace Place, please bring to February meeting.  Grace Place prefers quilts that are twin size.

Program committee handed out the schedule for the coming year.  On February 22 we will be having a sew day at the Stanton Town Hall.  Demos will be given on borders and bindings. Everyone  who finishes a quilt with one of the demo's will be entered into a drawing. Our next program scheduled will be held at the Stanton town hall on March 29.  This class will be featuring "pineapple quilt" being taught by Jan Rondeau .  We will be using the Positively Pineapple book and companion ruler,

Guests were introduced.

Discussed ordering name tags for new members.

Meeting adjourned.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Upcoming March Quilting Class!

Here is a link for the pineapple ruler & book for the March 29th class;

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 7:00 Thank you to the hostesses. Visitors; Becky Koehler's Mother (Mona) was a visitor at the meeting. Raffle Basket Winner: Erica Olsen Stashbuster Blocks Winner: Bridget Larson Old Business: November minutes approved. November Treasurer's report approved. Discussion continued regarding the quild paying for a portion of January retreat... there was good discussion back and forth with the motion being made and carried that the guild will NOT put forth any monies for the upcoming January retreat. A total of 22 members were needed for the January and only 18 were paid up ~~ as a result, January retreat has been opened up for any friends or family to attend. New Membership list --- should be available for release by January meeting. Guild meeting time ~~ a motion was made and approved that going forward the Willow River Piecemaker's Guilt Guild meetings will start at 6:30 p.m. REMINDER: Due to retreat, the January meeting date has been pushed out to January 16th at 6:30 p.m. We look forward to show-n-tell!! Motion made and carried to adjourn the meeting at 8:00