Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Meeting Notes

Some reminders for the October meeting.

Meeting will start at 6 pm and we are having potluck with Jean Krumm, Cindy Peer and Alicia Cypher as hostesses.

We will be nominating and voting for a new President and Secretary.  

Retreat committee for 2015 are Bridget Larson, Kelly Stodola and Meg Tryba.

Quilt show winners and money totals are attached.  Silent auction money will be announced at the meeting as not all money has been collected.

September 2014
Guests - Sue Powers

Show & Tell was held

Meeting minutes from August were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report was approved as written

Correspondence was read.

We need nominations for President and Secretary to be voted on at the October meeting.
Committees list for the next year will be passed out at the October meeting.

Veterans quilt will be given away on Saturday, September 13th.

Cutting Curves class with Debbie Bowles, Saturday, September 13th starting at 9 am at Stanton Town Hall.  Please be ready to sew at 9 am.  Cost of class is $10.

Quilt Show

We need silent auction items, there is a box of items left over from last year here.
We have 61 quilts entered in the show right now, if you have anything else you would like to enter, please contact Sandy.

Sale quilts, please fill out a sale form if you are interested in selling any quilts at show.  If you have entered the quilt in show, please include a picture with your form.

Bed Turning, we only have 3 entries, I would like to see 5 more.

Quilt show schedule has lots of open spots on it, please sign up to work at show.
We will set up racks at 2 pm, please come help if you are able.

Quilt check in is 3 - 6 pm on Friday.

Raffle tickets, money and stubs are due Friday night at show, there will be a bag at the check in table for them.

Guild challenge was voted on.
Mary Jo Allison was first.
Meg Tryba was second.

Retreat is January 8th to 11th.  Erica will look up the committee members.
Who is in charge of April Retreat?

Meeting Adjourned

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Meeting Notes

Hostesses are Jean Potter, Mary Simonds and Mary Jo Allison.
Sandy Balcerek will be taking over Secretary duties for Cathy Smith until the new Secretary is voted in at the October meeting.  Please send anything you want sent out the members to Sandy.

Betty has asked that if you bring all caring quilt blocks and quilts to the September meeting.  If you can't make the meeting, please contact Betty to get them to her.  Thank-you.

WRPM August 2014 Meeting Minutes

Mary Johnson was back tonight!  Welcome, Mary!!!

Guild challenge was due tonight, but as it was not in the minutes from the July meeting, some members did not bring their quilts.  A motion was made by Kelly and seconded by Donelle that we move the challenge voting to the September meeting.  Motion carried.  Please bring your finished challenge quilt to the September meeting for member voting.

Mary Jo Allison will replace Maxine Volkert for Hostess at the September meeting.

Show and Tell was held.

Minutes for the July meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer report was approved as written.

Member Diane Havens was in Senior Lifestyle in an article about sewing dresses for girls out of sheets.  Good Job Diane!!

Stash Busters – any color that is in the fabric.

Grace Place
Erica purchased $300 worth of items for them and dropped it off at Grace Place.

Caring Quilts – there are quilts here that need to be quilted and bound.  Please let Betty know if you are taking one home.
Betty asked if she could make a basket for an event at Ready Randy’s in November.  A motion was made to allow Betty to make a basket, motion carried.

Quilt show update
Registration Forms – are due to Sandy Balcerek on September 4th.  Each item must have it’s own form.  Please mail or email them to Sandy.

Quilt sale forms – are due at the September meeting.  You must have one of these forms filled out even if your quilt is in show.  Please provide a picture of the quilt if it is in show, this will help the customers identify the quilt.

Silent Auction Items – please turn these items Jean P. or Donelle at the September meeting.  Jean will bring the items left over from last year to the sew day next Saturday, so people can see what we have.

Raffle tickets – due Friday night of the show.  If you are not coming to show, contact Sandy to hand them in.

Business – please sign up to hang an item at a business.

Schedules – please sign up to work at the show.  These will be at the September meeting as well. 

Food is available at the show from 8am to 2 pm on Saturday.

Sew Day
          August 23rd starting at 9am.  Lunch will be potluck. 
September 13th
          Debbie Boles of Maple Island Quilts will be teaching 3 different curve techniques.  We will start at 9am, please be ready to sew at 9am.  This is a six hour class.  $10 fee per person.  YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR CLASS.  A supply list will follow.

Correspondence was read.
Raffle Basket was won by Mary Jo Allison
Stash Busters was won by Mary Jo Allison
Meeting Adjourned

Reminder:  Nominations are needed for President and Secretary to be voted on at the October meeting.