Friday, May 13, 2016

Perfect 1/4" Inch Info

Lots of great tip sharing last night! Jean had shown us a cool tool - Perfect Piecing Seam Guide. You can find it a most quilt shops - little yellow ruler -

Sewing Perfect 1/4"

Really want “scant” – so just a bit less than ¼ - the thicker your sewing thread, the more scant you need it to be because of the extra space it will take when pressing.

Quiltville Technique:

McCall’s Quilting:

Tip 1
Check your sewing machine feet – You may already have a ¼ foot. If not, purchasing a 3rd party foot that fits your machine could be a wise purchase!

Tip 2
Put down a length of tape so it gives you a longer runway!

Tip 3
Tack down a stack of post its – gives you a ridge to go along

Tip 4
Test your project fabric and thread – things change! Testing now will save you tons of time and frustration when making your blocks!

Tip 5 - does your piecing kinda slide and you get crooked sewing? Adjust your pressor foot pressure! Check your machine manual on how to do it. (I remembered I had loosened mine quite awhile back and never tightened when I returned to piecing!)

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