Monday, June 13, 2016

Missouri Star Quilt Co Trip!

Hudson Guild is Trying to put together a Missouri Star bus trip on Oct. 26-27.  It's just a two-day trip and sounds like it should be fun...and affordable (only about $139 or less per person, double occupancy...need to firm that up). The tentative agenda as I know at this point is:
Leave Hudson around 7 a.m. on Wed., Oct. 26
Box lunches provided on bus
Arrive Missouri early- to mid-afternoon and do a bit of shopping,  
  looking around
Pizza dinner (?) at the hotel (about 20 minutes away)
Continental breakfast at the hotel
Shopping until mid-afternoon at Missouri Star shops
Head for home, on-your-own dinner at a fast-food place on the way
Arrive Hudson by 10 p.m.

Need to know how many SERIOUS travelers are interested.  Would like to know this month, please by the 25th of June. - Please contact Alicia if interested.

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