Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order by President Eileen Van Dyk.  The secretary’s report was given.  The Treasurer’s report was given with a couple of updates.  The speaker cost for last month’s event was $300.00 and $11.70 paid to Betty Schmit for caring quilt supplies.  Balance was $5,584.83.  This was approved by Cindy Peer and seconded by Mary Lou.
Committee Reports
Raffle Quilt – Patsy showed us 2 blocks from the quilt – Gather Around is the pattern name
Caring Quilts – Betty has 25-30 quilts at her house – Betty to check on batting for quilts with Alicia and Jean Potter also will let us know what she can get for us at cost/deal – the intention is to have a sew day to tie quilts soon – suggested Friday and Sat Sept 29 & 30 as that is our usual weekend of the quilt show and since we don’t have a show this year……….Betty had 2 quilts ready for binding – please check out with Betty so she knows where they are
Quilt show – Dates are the last full weekend of Sept – Sept 29-18 and Sept 30-18 – Be thinking of this committee – 4-5 people are suggested and everyone take a portion to be responsible for – please volunteer if you can – We hope to have a committee together by the Nov or Dec meeting for sure – Patsy has volunteered to Chair the quilt show committee – please join the committee if you have any interest and Patsy will be able to mentor to the process as she has been on this committee multiples times.  Sandy said that the permit for the show is due Jan 12, 2018 – raffle tickets to be ordered in April – can sell in the month of May – Sandy has the vendor letters and they should go out by Feb 1st.  - Erica put lots of information on a flash drive, need to locate – the WITC needs to be booked very soon, Fri afternoon through Sunday, doesn’t need to be paid for until the actual show time – Ideas for a Theme for the Quilts show were suggested – see the list below and we will vote on it at next month’s meeting
A Journey Back in Time
Reflections of Vintage and More
Fabulous Vintage and More
Vintage Soul
Barn Trails, Vintage and Good Times
Shabby Chic, Vintage and More
Vintage Reflections
Farm and Vintage Memories
Gathering and Connections through our Vintage
Vintage Farm Memories
Farm Vintage block project – Mary and Bridget’s group has Betty S, Sue Powers, Mary G, and still open for others to join in – Pam’s group – the following people had their 4 blocks done for the meeting Patsy, Judy B, and JoDee. – (Pam was not able to attend so here are the names for you)
Old Business - None
New Business The by-laws were discussed by the guild and voted on for changes.  Eileen will type up the changes and present it at another meeting.  Thank you all that participated in this process.
A prize was won by Jean Krumm by picking a number at the meeting.  She won a pattern by the speaker we had at the July meeting. 
Patsy moved to adjourn the meeting and Mary G 2nd it. 
Upcoming meeting – Hostesses will be Rhonda Rimarcik and Mary Lou Curtis – please note we need plastic forks for in the tote – I have reached to Alicia and Chaz for the program – they are scheduled to demo The Magic of Rulers – this has not been confirmed at the time of the typing of these notes, but Alicia has asked me about it – Show and Tell is a Swap Meet – Bring books, patterns, fabric and quilt supplies you want to swap – Discussion topic will be your favorite summer memory

The meeting will be Sept 14th, 2017 at 6:30 pm at St Luke’s Church - Please note that I will not be able to attend, please someone take notes for me while I am gone.  Thank you. 

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