Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Meeting Notes & Paint Chip Challenge info

We had a very short meeting this month as the main focus was the speaker and trunk show given by Erika Plank.  She presented a great show with lots of patterns to purchase.  If you missed the meeting here is her website.
Reminder:  The Paint Chip Challenge is due at the November meeting.  See attached document.
Farm Girl Vintage – many people turned in their 4 blocks – Linda Andert was the prize winner this month with the Farm Girl 48 - the Farm Girl project with smaller amounts of blocks requires you to build your won quilt plan, put on paper and turn into either Mary G. or Bridget L.
We had guest introduced this evening - Sheila Baillargeon
Eileen asked us to be thinking about a theme of the quilt show for discussion next month – please bring your ideas to the next meeting – possibly a theme connected to the Farm Girl Vintage project since we will have lots of those Farm Girl quilt blocks by then (just a thought) – be thinking……….
Next month’s meeting will be August 10, 2017
We will not be having a sew night like the program states but we will be having a business meeting to discuss the by-laws and come up with a theme for the quilt show.
Discussion topic: “How do you find time to quilt?”
Show and Tell: Show off your fair entries

Hostesses for August: Jean Potter and Sandy Balcerek
JoDee Johnston
WRPM Secretary

Paint Chip Challenge 2017

“Make a Grand Entrance”

Here are the quilt item challenge rules:
·      Using the three initials of your name, pick out paint chips whose color name begins with one of each of yours letters. For an example, if you are Bonnie Mary Crawley, you could use Blackberry Mountain Stream, Marigold and Copen Blue for your paint chips.
·      You can use additional colors, although at least 75% of the quilt item must be in the three paint chip colors you select.
·      Your quilted item front should have a functioning door, can be any type/style door.
·      Create a surprise, applying theme from quilt item front to be viewed when the door is open using one of your paint chip colors.
·      The door should remain closed when the quilt item is hanging or up right.
·      Your initials must be included somewhere on the quilt item front.
·      The perimeter size is not to exceed a total of 80 inches and should be at least 60 inches.
·      The quilt item project must be completely finished.
·      Your three paint chips that represent your initials must accompany your entry.
·      The quilt items are due at the quilt guild meeting on November 9.

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