Monday, December 5, 2011

WRPM in the News!

I've had this in my file for awhile - sorry to not have it out here yet!  New Richmond News did an article on our 2011 Quilt Show.

Click here to download the article.

Fabric for Thursday's Meeting - 12/8/11

Hi Everyone - correction to what you should bring to this weeks meeting.  If you wish to play the dice game, please bring 3 fat quarters for that.  If you are participating in retreat, you need to bring 3 sewable scraps.  So two DIFFERENT requirements - meeting news is incorrect.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WRPM Nov/Dec 2011 News!

Quick Announcements for December Meeting:

Potluck – meeting starts at 6 pm. - Hostesses are Kelly Stodola, Kay Rindal, Erica Johnson, Pegi Fleming

Final due date for dues – if not paid by this meeting, you will not receive the newsletters.  Please make sure to fill out the membership form, this is very helpful to cross-check our information.

Retreat Payment due - $117.00 – your dues must also be current to attend retreat. 

We’re changing up the dice game this year!  If you wish to play, please bring at least 3 “sewable” scraps of quilting fabric.  Or bring more!  Your scraps can contain selvages!

Program committee will be letting us know about the upcoming class with Mary Wolfe.

November Meeting Minutes

Speaker, Ann Zemke was very entertaining!  We hope everyone enjoyed her presentation.  Thanks to Nancy Maki for bringing Ann!

UFO Due in December - #5

Stashbusters – Donelle brought in fabric, please add cream – Stashbuster blocks will now always be 10 ½ inches unfinished.  Mary Allison won the blocks and will bring in fabric to the December meeting.

Welcome New Members! – Charlotte, Linda, Sharon and JoAnn!

Raffle Basket – JoAnn Matter won and will bring in the replenished basket to the December meeting

2012 Committees – your budget request worksheets are due to be turned in to our treasurer, Patsy Larson. 

Retreat – January 19 – 22nd.  We do not need to rush out on Sunday because they do not have another group coming in until Tuesday.  Please bring 2-12” pieces of 30’s Reproduction fabric.  Theme is Crazy Quilters. 

Caring Quilts – 2 quilts were tied before the meeting.  Attendance was low. 

2012 Challenge – if you would still like to participate, please see Patsy Larson for a beanie baby.

Mystery Quilt – Clue #5 was handed out by Sandy Balcerak.  Please see Sandy if you need any of the clues.

Treasurer’s Report –   Meg gave a report – She and Patsy met and worked for 3.5 hours on organizing the info. 

Few new guidelines that need to be followed –

1.       Only guild items on your receipt, please keep your personal purchases separate.  Just makes it much easier to read. 

2.       There is a new form for submitting your receipts. It must be filled out with receipt attached for you to be paid. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

November Show & Tell

Just uploaded some new photos - Ann Zemke was our speaker - fun presentation!  Also, please check out the newest finished beauties!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oct/November News

Hi Everyone!

Two important notes for our November meeting – We will be tying quilts at the church from 3 – 6 pm that day and…

Exciting news for our November 10th Meeting at 7 PM!  We are happy to announce a speaker for the program!  Ann Zemke.  We are also encouraging visitors to this meeting. Baldwin and Amery have been invited.  I will ask folks to rsvp their numbers so we can have a good idea on how to set up the room.  Please feel free to bring along a friendRSVP by Friday Nov. 4th please so I can let hostesses know.  Once we know the #’s attending, we will see what is needed to help with the snacks.

About our Speaker:

Ann Zemke is an author and quilter based in Blaine, MN.  She will be visiting us and discussing her new book “Every Barn Tells a Story”.   A collection of captivating barn owner biographies, narratives and anecdotes partnered with quilt blocks, sampler quilts, quilting and sewing projects.

She co-authored the book with Diane Entrikin.  Here is a link to her website

Hostesses for November are Meg Byram, Barb Rogers, Nancy Ray

November Meeting Agenda:

7pm start Welcome visitors & snacks, correspondence & announcements, reminders for retreat & membership dues

7:30 - 8:30 Ann's presentation

8:30 Wrap up with Stash Busters, Raffle Basket, then Show & Tell

Special note for 2012 Committees – November, we need to ensure all the committees have enough team members.  In particular, the 2013 Raffle Quilt is looking for members.  Even if you cannot participate, please keep in mind and bring any interesting patterns you think would work for the quilt to the November meeting.

December will be committee business, non-profit business, etc.

Here are the Oct. meeting notes

Visitors/New Members -  Welcome, Erica Olson and Dolores Otts!

UFO Winners – Jean Krumm and Betty Schmit for the most projects completed, Jean Krumm for the oldest project completed – we determined it was 15 years old…

Raffle Basket – Gay Johnson was the winner, she will bring in the re-stocked basket to the November meeting.

Stash Busters – We are starting two rounds of Stash Busters.  This will give folks more chance to participate and potentially win.  You can win once in the year, but feel free to participate even after you have won.  Pegi Fleming brought in the fabric for this go-round, 10 ½ unfinished, any color, any fabric – even though it’s not technically a batik – it looks like it would blend well with batiks! J

Donelle won the set of blocks.  She will bring fabric to the November meeting

Challenge Committee 2012 – Beanie Baby Challenge

If you are interested in participating and were not at the Oct. meeting, please contact Patsy Larson or Jean Potter.  Participants received a brown bag with a beanie baby – you must design a small lapsize quilt that is inspired by the beanie baby.  Completed quilts will be judged by the membership at the Aug. 2012 meeting. 

Membership voted to approve paying back Jean Potter for the books in the 2011 challenge.  Committees, please remember that when you set up your budget for the year, it must reflect as close as you can to the true number you need.  Any overage on this must be voted and approved by the membership.  

Show Winners Show & Tell – Thanks again to everyone who helped with the show – lots and lots of compliments that our show is a winner! 

Membership forms and dues were due at the October meeting.  Dues/form completed at the Dec. meeting will be enforced so we can start January with an accurate membership list. 

Treasurer Report – Meg Tryba gave a summary of the account.  This info will not be given out in the meeting minutes – please attend a meeting to receive a copy.

Caring Quilts – 25-30 quilts in inventory, November 10th, we will be having a tying at the church.  3-6 pm.  Please bring a needle, thimble and scissors. 

Quilt Show – We will have a more detailed report for folks on the numbers at the November meeting. 

January Retreat – 1/19/2012 – 1/22/2012 – Camp Wapo.  $117.00.  Sign-up sheet went around. All paid guild members names will be put in a drawing for one $50 scholarship.  This is non-transferable however if you receive it and would like to donate it back, you can.  Two more scholaships will be drawn from the list of those who have sign up saying they plan to attend the retreat.  A total of three scholarships be awarded.

Officers Election

Nominations for Teasurer – Patsy Larson was nominated, seconded and approved.  Jean Krumm will be helping to back up Patsy while she is out of town in January and February.

Nominations for Vice President – Nancy Maki was nominated, seconded and approved. 

Pillowcase Tutorial & Sewing party

Thanks to everyone who stayed and helped – great tutorial by Nancy Maki!– Thanks to Nancy and Meg for organizing.   

General News:

Please keep Loralei in your thoughts and prayers!!

Gay Johnson is starting a new endeavor at their video store, selling used books.  If you would like to sell or donate your books, they will pay 10% of the original value to you or donate the 10%.

Meg Tryba will be teaching at the River Falls Quilt Shop in November.  She showed the panel quilt at the meeting, nice job, Meg!  If you are interested in learning more about the class, please contact Meg directly.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

September/Oct News!

We’ve had a busy month!  Thanks to everyone for participating and helping at this year’s Quilt Show! We have a guild full of talented quilters!  This newsletter is going to cover the Oct. meeting agenda and the September meeting notes.

October Meeting – Thursday, Oct. 13h – 6 pm – Potluck! 

We’re keepin’ it lite this month with lots of quilting and sewing fun!

6 – 7 pm – Potluck Dinner

Hostesses are Diane Havens, Patsy Larson, Meg Tryba, Bridget Mortenson – hostesses, please bring the plates, cups, plastic ware.

7 – 8 pm – Quilt Show Review, Show & Tell from Ribbon Quilts, Officer nominations & voting, New Member forms.

·           We will not be covering info from the non-profit committee for this meeting.  So busy with quilt show, committee has not had a chance to meet.  This will be on the November agenda.

·           VISITORS!  Challenge Quilts given to Reps from Westfield’s hospital

·           UFO Prize Drawing – All those that participated in the UFO challenge, the winner will be drawn!

·           Ribbon winners – please bring your winning items for those folks that could not make it to the show.  We’ll have show and tell!  (Or if you have an item you finished in September and would like to show, bring it on in!)

·           Please see the attached new member form.  If you can fill your form out in advance, that would be helpful. You only need to fill out one form, two is there for printing purposes.   We’re getting large enough that to keep track of member information can be tricky! 


Here’s a note from Donelle & the Silent Auction Committee. 

The Silent Auction Committee has decided to use the funds raised from the auction to purchase items that Grace Place has told us they need. Namely, Grace Place expressed a need for mattress pads. Additionally, Betty mentioned that she is going to donate some pillowcases she made. This got me thinking; How many more pillowcases could be made during the October Annual Meeting? So the officers decided to try and get an answer to that question, but we'll need your help. Here’s the details:

·           Anyone who is willing/able to; please bring your sewing machine, neutral color thread, pins & an extension cord to the October meeting.

·           Everyone who wants to make a pillowcase will be provided pre-cut fabric and directions.

·           Instructions for making a pillowcase using the "Burrito Method" will be led by Meg Tryba & Nancy Maki.  You should be able to complete a pillowcase in 15 - 20 minutes.

·           All of the pillowcases will then be added to the donation going to Grace Place.

Please contact any of the officers if you have any questions. We're looking forward to a fun evening and spending some time sewing together

September 2011 Meeting Notes:

August meeting minutes were approved.

Correspondence – Thank you from Ralph Knutson (Cindy Peer’s brother), Please keep Loralei Miller in your thoughts and prayers.  WE LOVE YOU LORALEI!  

Siren Show is October 8th & 9th.  You can visit this link to find out more:

UFO – all the UFO numbers are now done!  (Start compiling your next list ladies!)  We will have the drawing for UFO at the Oct. meeting.

Mystery Quilt – Clue #3 was given out.

Stash busters – Betty Schmit brought in fabric.  10 ½ blocks, unfinished.  Use the red in the big flower ONLY! 

Quilt Show Reminders – this section of the meeting was just talking about reminders for the show.  Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Treasurer Voting

Linda Strilecky moved that we rescind our decision from the August meeting to hold the Treasurer voting one month early, Mary Johnson seconded.  Approved.  Treasurer position would be voted along with VP at the October meeting.  Meg Tryba volunteered to take over the position until a new Treasurer was in place.  Audit Committee was formed- Meg Tryba, Linda Strilecky, Patsy Larson and Barb Rogers. 

Non-Profit Discussion

Tax ID number and current research on non-profits was discussed.  Julie LaBarre moved and Nancy Maki seconded that we accept the new Tax ID number.  Approved.  We will use this new number on the Guild’s banking account.  Non-profit committee of Kelly Stodola, Eileen Van Dyk, Sandy Balcerek and Meg Tryba was formed.  Further research will be done and brought back to the guild for review.

Perfect Pillowcases


One Pillowcase:                                                                      Pair of pillowcases:

2/3 yard main fabric                                                              1 1/3 yards main fabric

3/8 yard trim fabric                                                                ¾ yards trim fabric

1/8 yard fabric for “pop” strip                                              1/8 yard fabric for “pop” strip


1.       Cut the main fabric to 24”X 40”.

2.       Cut trim fabric to 13” X 40”.

3.       Cut “pop” strip to 1 ½” X 40”.

4.       Fold “pop” strip in half, right sides together.  Press.  Pin to right side of main fabric.


5.       Pin trim fabric to “pop” strip and main fabric, right sides together.

6.      Pull trim fabric down over the bottom of main fabric and up until it reaches the top of the main fabric.  Pin together with main fabric, “pop” strip and other side of trim fabric.  This will form a tube with the whole main fabric inside the tube.  Stich at least ¼ “  seam allowance. Make sure all fabrics are stitched in.                

7.      Pull the main fabric out one end of the tube.  Press.

8.      Fold casein half with wrong sides together. 

9.      Sew ¼ “ seam along the side and bottom of case.

10.  Turn case wrong side out and press all seams well.

11.  Stich along seamed edge making sure to stitch a seam wider than the seam in step 9.  (You want to be sure the whole seam in step 9 is enclosed in this seam.

12.   Turn and press.  There will be no exposed seams ! !   Trim any string that may be exposed being careful not to cut the pillowcase.

Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Guild Challenge Info

Hi Everyone - here is the 2011 Challenge Info incase you need it as you are finishing up your quilts for our voting on this Thursday's meeting, 8/11.
Click Here - 2011 Challenge Info

Sunday, July 24, 2011

2011 Quilt Show Registration Form - WRPM Members.

Here is the quilt registration form for the 2011 show!  Please let the Quilt Show Committee know if you have any questions.

2011 WRPM Quilt Registration Form

Friday, July 8, 2011

June/July Notes

June 9th, 2011 WRPM Meeting Minutes
May Minutes and the Budget report were approved.
Guests:  Nancy, Kay’s co-worker will be joining our group.  Welcome!  Alicia’s daughter also visited.
·        Thank you from Carol Anders
Caring Quilts:
·        Blocks Bundles are ready to be picked up – 2 blocks per bundle with instructions.
·        Tying will be done before the July meeting – 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm at the Church.
·        Critical to get your caring quilt projects back by the next meeting.  Thanks!
Raffle Tickets
·        Please dispose/recycle your old ones, your new ones should be white and have the correct date on them.
·        Raffle Quilt was brought to Pins & Needles for display, will start to be brought around for display at the local quilt shops, 2nd prize is being displayed at the shop in Clear Lake.
Quilt Show
·        July – new registration forms will be handed out, Staffing sign-up sheets will be handed out, and Volunteering to have your quilt displayed at a local business sign-up sheet will go around, Batik Boulevard Sign-up – note if you will have a Batik item for you to display – these items will not be judged.
·        August – Bring your challenge to the meeting for judging.  Make your label with the text “made by a member of Willow River Piecemakers.”  Quilts will be donated with the books.
·        Registration forms are DUE.
·        September – Need last year’s winning quilts to be brought for display at WITC.  Silent auction items are due, you can bring sooner if you have them ready.  This would be very helpful.
·        Quilt Racks will need a new home after this year’s show. 
Get ‘R’ Done!
Friday, July 29th – July 31st – Stanton Town Hall – You can leave your machine set-up, everything will be locked up at night.
Sandy handed out info on a new Mystery Quilt!

UFO’s – March is #10, April is #7, May is #2, June is #1
Raffle Basket – Maxine won, she will bring in the new basket for July
Stash Busters - Won by Jean K, she will bring in fabric for July.
Hostesses for July:
Becky Koehler
Kelly Stodola
Kathy Kloetzke
Julie LaBarre

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Merikay Waldvogel visit WI 9/16-18th, 2011

The Wisconsin Quilt Study Group is hosting a weekend retreat with world-renowned Merikay Waldvogel, author and expert quilt historian, to learn more about quilts, their history, and how to identify their fabrics.  Sylvia Adair, Quilt Documentation Coordinator and Quilt Index Trainer at the WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts will also be giving presentations on how we can help with some of the museum work as well as the fun.
The retreat is September 16-18, 2011 and will be held at the Cedar Valley Retreat Center, West Bend, WI.
Feel free to share this information with all of your friends.  Please also include this in your guild’s newsletter/email announcements if you can.  You do NOT have to be a WQSG member to attend.  More information on the retreat can be seen at  Thank you for sharing this information.  We hope you can join us.
Nancy Kunst Smith
AQS Certified Quilted Textile Appraiser
3725 Simonis Street
Stevens Point, WI  54481

Thursday, June 9, 2011

May/June Meeting Notes

June Meeting is at Mary Park in New Richmond.  Starts 6 pm.  See bottom of the newsletter for the sign-up and hostess info.
Raffle Basket - Kay Rindal won the raffle basket, should bring in the new basket for the meeting.
Stashbusters – bring in your completed 10 ½ unfinished blocks to the meeting.  Use colors from the print.
Treasurer’s Report – see attached.

May 2011 Meeting Notes

No guests
Correspondence – many thank-you notes were written.  One note was from someone who received a Quilt of Valor.

Committee Reports
Caring quilts – 5 quilts were tied today.  Please sign up with Betty if you are taking one home to bind.

June Picnic:  Sign-up sheet was passed around for the picnic in June.  We will have the picnic at Mary Park in New Richmond, shelter #1 at 6pm.

Raffle tickets were passed out.  Please recycle these.  You will get new ones at the June Picnic. 
Quilt Show Reminders – Heidi went through the list of dates again – things that are due in August.  Betty said that she would not be able to store the quilt racks and sandwich boards after this year.  Loralei will take the sandwich boards.  We need a volunteer to take the racks, which take up about a 12 ft x 12 ft space. 

Git ‘er Done Weekend will be July 29-30-31 at Stanton Town Hall.  Start times will follow.  This will be a time that you can work on any items that you need to finish. 

Quilt Show Challenge:  Mary Johnson had a question about the label on the challenge, Nancy will ask Jean about it and get back to her.  (Mary has her challenge done)

Stash Busters Discussion:  It was suggested that you only be able to win the stash buster blocks and the raffle basket once a year.  Alicia would like to break out the raffle basket as it is a donation to charity.  Patsy made a motion that we limit winning the stash buster blocks only once a year.  Sandy clarified that a year be November to October.  Motion passed.  It was also decided to leave the raffle basket alone.

Diane Havens returned the stash buster blocks that she won last month, so we had everyone sign up again and picked another name.  Pegi Fleming won the blocks.  Diane also sent fabric to pass out, please make a 10 ½ inch unfinished block, pick a color out of a print

Cotton Theory Class is Saturday at Stanton Town Hall.  Be there ready to sew at 9 am.

St. Croix Cty. Fair Info:  Jean Krumm brought a St. Croix County Fair book.  This book is good for two years.  She will leave this copy with the guild, she also made copies of the entry blank.  Entries are due June 17th , no late entries will be accepted.  Jean sent an email – this is now changed!  Entries are due this year on Wednesday, July 20th, by 8:00 pm and the judging starts at 8:30 am, July 21st. 

The Fair is July 20-24th.  For more information

Sunshine committee – Julie LaBarre’s husband is not doing well.

Basket was won by Kay Rindal

June Picnic Sign-Up
Main Dishes
Maxine Volkert
Bridget Mortensen
Betty Schmit
Gay Johnson
Alicia Cypher
Kelly Stodola

Nancy Ray
Kathy Kloetzke
Barb Rogers
Pegi Fleming
Eileen Van Dyk

Becky Koehler
Rhonda Nyhus
Kay Rindal
Loralei Miller
Diane Havens

Veggie Tray
Marie Teigen
Patsy Larson

Meat & Cheese Tray
Nancy Maki
Cindy Peer

Hostesses – Kim Lowe, Jean Krumm, JoDee Johnston – please bring beverages, plates, napkins, glasses and plastic ware.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cotton Theory Class - May 14th

Hi Ladies,
I finally got most of the information that we need for the tote we will be making.
Size 10x15x4
Kit will be in neutrals - Beige on one side and taupe on the other.
Items you will need:
14/90 topstich needles
Cotton Theory Quilting guide
Thread Snips
Sharp Scissors
Thin, sharp, straight pins
1" x 12" ruler
Seam Ripper
Note Pad & pencil
I have asked to make sure that she will bring guides for you to buy ($5.39).  Also, she said that it is a good idea to bring your manual for your sewing machine, so that you can play with the stitches. 
We will be having potluck, unless everyone would rather order out.  Pete's Pizza delivers out that far. 
Please let me know which you would rather do, majority rules.
Thanks, Sandy

April/May Notes

Hey everyone!   Hope you are enjoying a truly beautiful day.  To all you mom’s out there this weekend – Happy Mother’s Day!

We’ll be having a Caring Quilts Tying before the May 12th meeting – 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM at the church.

April’s Meeting Notes:
Thanks to Donelle for organizing our Quilt Bingo!
Caring Quilts
See above note about Tying at our next meeting
If you take a kit/blocks/quilt for binding, please make sure to bring it back to the next meeting. 

Cotton Theory Class!  Neutral Tote
Stanton Town Hall, Saturday May 14th.  9 AM – 5PM
$35.00 for your class kit.
If you registered, you would have received an email from Sandy with all the details of what to bring – let Sandy know if you want Pot Luck or order Pete’s Pizza.

Quilt Show
Batik Boulevard – Quilts for this display are not judged, so they can be a couple years old if you’d like to showcase a project you did.
Nancy will bring the extra fabric left over from the raffle quilt to the May meeting.

June 9th  - 6 pm to 9 pm.
There is electric.  Sandy will have a sign-up sheet for the potluck.

Raffle Basket
Thanks to Kim for bringing such a great basket!  We earned $36.00
Nancy Maki won – no pressure to top Kim’s basket! ;)

UFO # - Finish up project #7

Hostesses for May Meeting:
Jean Potter
Sandy Balcerak
Karen Smith

Thanks everyone!  Will miss you at the May meeting – My son has a big concert that night! See you at the Cotton Theory class or at the June Picnic!

Kelly Stodola

Monday, April 11, 2011

March/April News

Hostesses for our April 14th Meeting are:
Mary Anne Purfeerst
Diane Havens (Kelly Stodola to fill in for Diane.)
Mary Pagel

Program for April – Quilt Bingo!  Come have some fun and win some prizes!

March Meeting Minutes:

Caring Quilt Committee:
Thanks from several individuals and families.
Please bring in any caring quilt projects you have done.  The goal is to bring it in to the next month’s meeting.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the tying.

2012 Raffle Quilt Update:
3rd prize table runner is done.
2nd prize and the quilt are in progress

Stash Busters
Kim Lowe brought in Batik – player’s choice on what to pair with the fabric.  Please use batiks.  12 ½ unfinished

Raffle Basket – Diane Havens brought it in, Winner is Kim Lowe.  Kim will bring in this month’s basket

April UFO number is:  (Sorry guys – I did not jot it down – please email me if you remember so I can send out a note.)

New Members – We love new members!  More quilty goodness to share!  Please welcome – Kirstin Mehls, Gay Johnson, Mary Simonds, Laurie Croone, Rhonda Nylus.  I have mailed/emailed the new contact list.  If there are any issues with the list or if I have missed any new members, please let me know.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The See & Sew LED Light by Robo Whittler

We received some info on  a new lighting system for your sewing pleasure.  Check this video out! 
You can find them at Amazon.

Want more info? Contact,

Patty & John
RoBo Whittler, LLC

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fantastic Fabric Party @ Sew & Sew Quilts in Stanley WI

Sew and Sew Quilts and Fabrics in Stanley, Wisconsin is planning a Fantastic Fabric Party for Saturday, May 21, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Timbers Restaurant in Stanley.  Mark your calendar now and plan to attend!

Sandi Irish, a Fabric and Pattern Designer for Blank Quilting Fabrics will present her black and white “Doo Dads” line of fabrics and her assortment of templates and patterns.  Next, Sandy will describe how to attain perfect mitered corners, and present a trunk show of her quilts.  We can’t wait to see the beauties she’ll share!  Check out Sandi’s website at

After a salad luncheon at Timbers Restaurant, we’ll be treated to a preview of the newest fabrics from Blank Quilting Fabrics by Shawn and Steve Taylor, Sales Reps from Blank Quilting Fabrics for both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We’ll be able to order from their fabric line that day and pick up the fabric at Sew and Sew Quilts and Fabrics two weeks later.  Check out this dynamic duo and the Blank product line at
Next, “shop till you drop” at Sew and Sew Quilts and Fabrics located just a few miles south of Stanley!  Browse our complete selection of fabrics, patterns, and quilting supplies. 

A limited number of seats are available for this Fantastic Fabric Party, so clear your calendar now and plan to attend.  The $25 admission fee includes the presentations, demos, trunk show, and lunch at Timbers.  Contact Donna Haas at Sew and Sew Quilts and Fabrics for tickets before April 30.  Sorry, no refunds after May 1. 

Please help us spread the word by sharing this info with your quilting friends and local guild.  Any friends who’d like to become members of the Sew and Sew Quilts and Fabrics email community are encouraged to email Donna Haas at and ask to be added to the group!

Friday, March 4, 2011

February Minutes and Newsletter

Hi Ladies!

Here are the notes from the February Meeting – Thanks again, Meg for taking the notes –

Who has the caring quilts at home for binding? If you took one, please let Betty know. 715-246-6216

Kim Lowe won the stash buster blocks.

Diane H. won the raffle basket.

UFO is #6.

Retreat dates for 2012 are Thursday, January 19, 2012 – Sunday, January 22, 2012

West Immanuel church in Star Prairie will take your old sheet and blankets for backing and batting for charitable quilts.
Please call Kathy Kloetzke if you can donate. 715-248-3603

March Meeting is Thursday, March 10th at 7:00 PM
 We will be tying caring quilts before our regular meeting on March 10th. We will start at three o'clock and finish about six, this will give us time to clean up before the meeting. Last time we tied six quilts so let’s try and beat that number. I do have six ready to tie, so if anyone has a top ready at their home call me with the size and I will get a batting [and back if needed] ready.
Hope to see you at three. Thank you everyone for what you do.  Betty

Hostesses are:
Cindy Peer
Pegi Fleming
Sandy Balcerek
Tara Van Epherem-Waldorf

Here’s some info about White’s Wildwood Retreat – if you are interested in getting your own group together for a mini-retreat – quilting, scrapping, etc – check them out!.

Heard the Mexican Star class was fun!  Can’t wait to see everyone’s projects during show and tell!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Minutes and Newsletter

Willow River Piecemakers Meeting Minutes and Newsletter –
Meeting on January 13th, 2011
Next Meeting is on February 10th, 2011 at 7:00.  St. Luke's Church in New Richmond WI


·         Caring Quilts Committee – Betty announced we did receive the $500 grant from St. Croix Electric Co-op.  (Kelly has put a thank you to the co-op on our web page for Caring Quilts.) Received lots of thank you’s for recent caring quilts given to folks
·         First Baby was in the New Richmond News.  If anyone has a copy of this, please bring to March meeting so I can scan it and put on our website.

Old Business

·         Lori Sullivan sent a very touching thank you for the quilt top the Caring Quilts committee finished for her.
·         PO Box for the guild – Motion carried that we would set it up in Somerset due to $40 savings vs New Richmond for the same po box size.

Program Committee
·         Mexican Stars – the quilt you will be making will be 34.5 squared.  It’s on February 19th.  See sign up for fabric requirements.  Call Sandy if you do not have the information.
·         Shop Hop – Are we interested in an over-nighter or just a day only excursion?  Sandy will research and bring back info.
·         Garage Sale – Sandy has stickers.  Tables will be organized by price.  Be there for set up at 7:00, starts sharp at 7:30.  Feel free to bring guests!

Challenge Committee –
We received our books for the 2011 challenge.  Many folks do have the same book so it will be interesting to see how they get interpreted!  Very excited for this challenge!  See Jean Potter if you did not receive your book.

New Business
·         Got an extra ironing board or iron? We can store an ironing board, iron at Stanton Town Hall – 2 of each should be fine if you have donation for this, let Sandy know.
·         New Quilt Shop! Stockholm, WI has a new quilt shop – OQ Quilts
·         Stash Busters - Diane Havens brought in the fabric – any color from the butterflies.  NO Black or White!  12.5 block unfinished
·         January’s UFO was #8, February’s is #2 – bring your #2’s to the Feb. Meeting!
·         Raffle Basket - Kathy Kloetzke
·         Updating of the Website – Kelly looked into setting up the website so it is easier to use.  You still go out to or   I also put out email to the guild about uploading your photos to our WRPM Picasa albums.  Watch the videos or see the email for the tutorial.  Very easy!  I will then hook up the photos to our website. 

HOSTESSES for Feb 10th Meeting:

  • Donnell Fisk
  • Jean Potter
  • Heidi Headlee
  • Eileen VanDyk