Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WRPM Nov/Dec 2011 News!

Quick Announcements for December Meeting:

Potluck – meeting starts at 6 pm. - Hostesses are Kelly Stodola, Kay Rindal, Erica Johnson, Pegi Fleming

Final due date for dues – if not paid by this meeting, you will not receive the newsletters.  Please make sure to fill out the membership form, this is very helpful to cross-check our information.

Retreat Payment due - $117.00 – your dues must also be current to attend retreat. 

We’re changing up the dice game this year!  If you wish to play, please bring at least 3 “sewable” scraps of quilting fabric.  Or bring more!  Your scraps can contain selvages!

Program committee will be letting us know about the upcoming class with Mary Wolfe.

November Meeting Minutes

Speaker, Ann Zemke was very entertaining!  We hope everyone enjoyed her presentation.  Thanks to Nancy Maki for bringing Ann!

UFO Due in December - #5

Stashbusters – Donelle brought in fabric, please add cream – Stashbuster blocks will now always be 10 ½ inches unfinished.  Mary Allison won the blocks and will bring in fabric to the December meeting.

Welcome New Members! – Charlotte, Linda, Sharon and JoAnn!

Raffle Basket – JoAnn Matter won and will bring in the replenished basket to the December meeting

2012 Committees – your budget request worksheets are due to be turned in to our treasurer, Patsy Larson. 

Retreat – January 19 – 22nd.  We do not need to rush out on Sunday because they do not have another group coming in until Tuesday.  Please bring 2-12” pieces of 30’s Reproduction fabric.  Theme is Crazy Quilters. 

Caring Quilts – 2 quilts were tied before the meeting.  Attendance was low. 

2012 Challenge – if you would still like to participate, please see Patsy Larson for a beanie baby.

Mystery Quilt – Clue #5 was handed out by Sandy Balcerak.  Please see Sandy if you need any of the clues.

Treasurer’s Report –   Meg gave a report – She and Patsy met and worked for 3.5 hours on organizing the info. 

Few new guidelines that need to be followed –

1.       Only guild items on your receipt, please keep your personal purchases separate.  Just makes it much easier to read. 

2.       There is a new form for submitting your receipts. It must be filled out with receipt attached for you to be paid. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

November Show & Tell

Just uploaded some new photos - Ann Zemke was our speaker - fun presentation!  Also, please check out the newest finished beauties!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oct/November News

Hi Everyone!

Two important notes for our November meeting – We will be tying quilts at the church from 3 – 6 pm that day and…

Exciting news for our November 10th Meeting at 7 PM!  We are happy to announce a speaker for the program!  Ann Zemke.  We are also encouraging visitors to this meeting. Baldwin and Amery have been invited.  I will ask folks to rsvp their numbers so we can have a good idea on how to set up the room.  Please feel free to bring along a friendRSVP by Friday Nov. 4th please so I can let hostesses know.  Once we know the #’s attending, we will see what is needed to help with the snacks.

About our Speaker:

Ann Zemke is an author and quilter based in Blaine, MN.  She will be visiting us and discussing her new book “Every Barn Tells a Story”.   A collection of captivating barn owner biographies, narratives and anecdotes partnered with quilt blocks, sampler quilts, quilting and sewing projects.

She co-authored the book with Diane Entrikin.  Here is a link to her website http://www.everybarntellsastory.com/

Hostesses for November are Meg Byram, Barb Rogers, Nancy Ray

November Meeting Agenda:

7pm start Welcome visitors & snacks, correspondence & announcements, reminders for retreat & membership dues

7:30 - 8:30 Ann's presentation

8:30 Wrap up with Stash Busters, Raffle Basket, then Show & Tell

Special note for 2012 Committees – November, we need to ensure all the committees have enough team members.  In particular, the 2013 Raffle Quilt is looking for members.  Even if you cannot participate, please keep in mind and bring any interesting patterns you think would work for the quilt to the November meeting.

December will be committee business, non-profit business, etc.

Here are the Oct. meeting notes

Visitors/New Members -  Welcome, Erica Olson and Dolores Otts!

UFO Winners – Jean Krumm and Betty Schmit for the most projects completed, Jean Krumm for the oldest project completed – we determined it was 15 years old…

Raffle Basket – Gay Johnson was the winner, she will bring in the re-stocked basket to the November meeting.

Stash Busters – We are starting two rounds of Stash Busters.  This will give folks more chance to participate and potentially win.  You can win once in the year, but feel free to participate even after you have won.  Pegi Fleming brought in the fabric for this go-round, 10 ½ unfinished, any color, any fabric – even though it’s not technically a batik – it looks like it would blend well with batiks! J

Donelle won the set of blocks.  She will bring fabric to the November meeting

Challenge Committee 2012 – Beanie Baby Challenge

If you are interested in participating and were not at the Oct. meeting, please contact Patsy Larson or Jean Potter.  Participants received a brown bag with a beanie baby – you must design a small lapsize quilt that is inspired by the beanie baby.  Completed quilts will be judged by the membership at the Aug. 2012 meeting. 

Membership voted to approve paying back Jean Potter for the books in the 2011 challenge.  Committees, please remember that when you set up your budget for the year, it must reflect as close as you can to the true number you need.  Any overage on this must be voted and approved by the membership.  

Show Winners Show & Tell – Thanks again to everyone who helped with the show – lots and lots of compliments that our show is a winner! 

Membership forms and dues were due at the October meeting.  Dues/form completed at the Dec. meeting will be enforced so we can start January with an accurate membership list. 

Treasurer Report – Meg Tryba gave a summary of the account.  This info will not be given out in the meeting minutes – please attend a meeting to receive a copy.

Caring Quilts – 25-30 quilts in inventory, November 10th, we will be having a tying at the church.  3-6 pm.  Please bring a needle, thimble and scissors. 

Quilt Show – We will have a more detailed report for folks on the numbers at the November meeting. 

January Retreat – 1/19/2012 – 1/22/2012 – Camp Wapo.  $117.00.  Sign-up sheet went around. All paid guild members names will be put in a drawing for one $50 scholarship.  This is non-transferable however if you receive it and would like to donate it back, you can.  Two more scholaships will be drawn from the list of those who have sign up saying they plan to attend the retreat.  A total of three scholarships be awarded.

Officers Election

Nominations for Teasurer – Patsy Larson was nominated, seconded and approved.  Jean Krumm will be helping to back up Patsy while she is out of town in January and February.

Nominations for Vice President – Nancy Maki was nominated, seconded and approved. 

Pillowcase Tutorial & Sewing party

Thanks to everyone who stayed and helped – great tutorial by Nancy Maki!– Thanks to Nancy and Meg for organizing.   

General News:

Please keep Loralei in your thoughts and prayers!!

Gay Johnson is starting a new endeavor at their video store, selling used books.  If you would like to sell or donate your books, they will pay 10% of the original value to you or donate the 10%.

Meg Tryba will be teaching at the River Falls Quilt Shop in November.  She showed the panel quilt at the meeting, nice job, Meg!  If you are interested in learning more about the class, please contact Meg directly.