Monday, December 3, 2012

Nov/December Newsletter

Hi Everyone! 
This is our Christmas potluck, beginning at 6:00pm, Thursday - Dec 13th.
Bring 3 fat quarters to be shared in the pie tin dice game. 
Bring a 12 1/2inch Christmas Block in a brown paper bag to exchange.
In December we also donate pillows and/or pillowcases for Grace Place.  Please bring your donation to the December 13 meeting.

November Meeting Notes:
October minutes were approved and seconded.

Silent Auction Update: Money from the silent auction ($666.50) to be donated to the Food Shelf. Motion made to combine the silent auction money and the raffle basket money into one check for the food shelf.

Stash Busters: Linda Justman won the October stash buster blocks and brought fabric for the December blocks. Please use colors that match the block. Size of the stash buster blocks will continue to be 10 1/2 inch unfinished. Cindy Peer won the November blocks.

January Meeting Changed: It was decided to change the January meeting to Thursday the 17th because of Retreat.

Retreat: Retreat will be January 10 thru January 13 at Oak Forest Center, Frederic, WI. Checks are due at the December meeting for everyone planning to attend, and need to be made out to Oak Forest Center. Thursday-Sunday cost is $136.50, Friday -Sunday is $93.00 Check in is noon on Thurs, check out is 4:00pm on Sunday. Towels and bedding are provided. We need the number of people attending by December 10, so if you have not signed up, please get in touch with one of the officers so we can include you in the fun!

Challenge Quilt 2013 - Our Challenge Quilt this year will be "Movies Make Me Happy" Sign up is needed. Everyone participating will receive 1/2 fabric to be in your quilt, to be child size and will be a Disney classic. You may pick up your fabric envelope at the January meeting. Finished quilts will be due at the August meeting. After the quilt show, challenge quilts will be donated to the River Falls or Osceola hospitals. New this year - - - you may keep your finished quilt, be sure to let the committee know if you do not want it donated to the hospital.

Program committee handed out a tentative schedule for the year.
  • Business and Fun meeting will alternate every other month.
  • Sign up held for either round or row robin quilts to begin in January. Quilts to be lap or wall hanging size, and will be move to the next person in your group each month. Contact officers if you missed the November sign up and wish to participate.
  • Show and tell will be done at the beginning of the monthly meeting, and will be on display for the rest of the evening.

Correspondence - Thank you's for the caring quilts read and passed around. Sewing days for the jelly roll quilts will be at the Stanton town hall on November 16-18 beginning at 9:00am.

Meeting Time discussion - Discussed changing the meeting time from 7:00pm to 6:00pm. Will be tabled to the next meeting. Bring your thoughts on this to the December meeting

DUES - If you have not paid your dues and you wish to keep your membership for 2013, please bring your $10 to the December meeting or contact Patsy at 715-246-5324.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oct/November News

Sorry so late posting!

Open Sew Days! Learn a new technique for your Jelly Rolls!
When: November 15, 16 & 17
Where: Stanton Town Hall
We’ll be getting together to work on projects  - set up your space for 3 days of uninterrupted sewing! No laundry! We will also have Caring Quilt Projects set up for all those that wish to participate – Quilts to tie, and a new, fun technique to learn while making a caring quilt – check it out!
What: One of the newer ideas that is making the rounds is a "Jelly Roll Race".
Caring Quilts is going to modify it from a race to a marathon and in the process we will all learn a new technique while helping restock the Caring Quilts inventory.

We will have more details at the November meeting but wanted to let everyone know sooner so that you could start making plans.

The link below will show you the technique that we'll be using.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

Hi Everyone! Ahh, my last newsletter as Secretary to you all! Welcome, Cathy Smith to Secretary! Also – welcome Erica Olson to President!

November Meeting Reminders – Meeting will be held at St. Luke’s, Thursday – November 9th at 7 PM.
Hostesses: Sandy Balcerak, Mary Pagel and Donelle Fisk.
Stashbusters –For new folks – you take pieces of fabric and follow the guidelines of the person that brought in the fabric. You make your blocks and bring them to the next meeting. You get to submit your name for each block that you make. We draw a winner and that person brings in fabric the next month. We always have 2 rounds going. If you win the blocks, you can still participate, but you cannot win during the next year to give other folks a chance to win. Mary Pagel brought in the fabric - Bring in your blocks, match the rose & green – 10.5 inches unfinished.  Yvonne Green won the blocks and will bring in fabric at the Nov. meeting
Dues & Membership List – Please bring in your dues - $10. If you are an past member, just need you to confirm your contact info – see the master sheet at the meeting. New members, need you to fill out a form.
Raffle basket – Lisa Franklin brought in the basket, Bridget Mortensen won – Bridget will give Kelly the basket for November’s meeting since she has to work.

October Meeting Notes:
September notes were approved. Our new officers of Cathy Smith for Secretary and Erica Olson for President were voted and approved!
Welcome Patience Biedler and Gail Mandel as New Members!
Correspondence: Thanks you’s from Melissa Jack, Julie LaBarre/Ted Getchel, & the Miller Family.  Grace Place also sent thanks for all of the household products we donated.
Caring Quilts – If you take kits or quilts to work on, please sign them out. We have given out 12 lately and have 25 left.
Quilt Show Reporting – We had a total of 321 attend. Raffle winners – Quilt, Julie Knutson, Table Runner – Jean Hansen and Iron Caddie – Jan Schmidt. We had a total of 117 quilts by 24 members submitted for the show. If you would like to see a more detailed report and the survey results, please see me at the meeting. Silent Auction – have a few items left to distribute, but great success at over $600 raised.
Block Exchange – Blocks were due at the October meeting. If you have blocks for Kirsten, please give to Betty Schmit.
UFO 2012 Winners – 3rd, Mary Johnson, 2nd Jean Potter, 1st Patsy Larson. We will be giving this program a rest for 2013.
Committee Sign-ups – Please consider signing up for committees.  It’s a great way to get to know members and get involved. More hands make easier work!
Retreat – We figured out that January meeting actually conflicts with retreat, so Erica is researching the Church availability to see if we could reschedule the meeting.
Erica’s request – if you have fabric or old pillow cases in good repair, please consider donating to the Fabric for Africa Dresses. You can bring the fabric to November’s meeting and Erica will take care to get it to the charity.
Fun Article – 50 Ways to Hide Your Fabric – I found a link to this 2004 article from Fons and Porter -

Monday, October 8, 2012

Woodbury Quilt Show Info

Just wanted to pass along the info in case anyone is heading across the river that weekend!
2012 Quilt show is held at Lake Middle School, Woodbury, MN - see the link above for all the info!
Friday, Oct 19th & Saturday, Oct 20th.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sept/October 2012 News

Hi Everyone! What a wonderful September meeting we had –thanks to everyone for sharing their Loralei stories. 

We have lots to cover in this newsletter for our show next week. So Show Stuff first, then reminders for Oct., September meeting minutes.

SHOW STUFF! Our ad will be running in the NR News 9/23 and 9/27.

Hit up facebook and look for my posts with the ads about the show – Share with your family and friends!

We need a host for Jean Carlton, the Quilt Appraiser that visited in August.  If you have a guest bedroom that you would be willing to share, please contact Jean Potter asap.  No need to supply dinner, just needs a place to sleep so it’s not such an early morning before the show.

Volunteer Times Still Open – If you wish to sign up for these spots – please contact Sandy Balcerak –
Silent Auction                    Noon to 2pm needs one
Hostesses                          9am to noon needs two
                                         Noon to 2pm needs one
                                         2pm to 4pm needs one
Hostesses                           1 to 3pm needs one

SILENT AUCTION -Please bring your silent auction items all tagged with prices to Friday night’s set up. 
QUILT DROP-OFF - Show Quilts may be turned in from 2-6 PM. No more new quilts may be entered due to the ballots being completed.
FRIDAY SET-UP - We will be at WITC starting at 2 pm – until done.  Each Quilt Show Committee member will be in charge of certain areas, so you can see us to be put to work!  If you have décor items, please bring them – make sure to put your name on them.
SUNDAY TAKE-DOWN –Show is open 11-3.  Take-down is usually done by 5-5:30.  All hands on deck!

October Reminders –
·        Meeting will be at 6 PM, October 11th, St. Luke’s Church in New Richmond. – with a potluck from 6-7 and meeting portion from 7-? Visitors and new members welcome!!
·        Hostesses for Potluck just need to bring in utensils, cups, plates, ice – Julie LaBarre, Kathy Kloetzke, Cathy Smith
·        Many new members come this night, so please be on the lookout for new faces and welcome, welcome, welcome!
·        We will have committee sign-ups and officer voting.  Erica Olson is nominated for President. Secretary position is open – No fear, I will help the new secretary transition!
·        Bring your show winners to the meeting!
·        Block Exchange Blocks are due at the meeting!

September Meeting Minutes –
Welcome visitors and returning prior members!
·        Annual vs Bi-annual Quilt Show - We voted and it was approved to keep the Quilt Show – Annual!
·        Stashbusters – Lisa Franklin brought in red print fabric – make 10 ½ blocks – using black and white.  Ok all you gals (including me), in all the quilt show craziness, don’t forget to make your blocks! Mary Pagel won the blocks and will bring in fabric to the October meeting.
·        Raffle Basket – Cathy S brought in the basket, we made $16 and Lisa Franklin won – she will bring in the replenished basket to the Oct. meeting
·        Retreat Reminders
o   Two retreats this 2013 – January 10-13th and April 5-7.  We are switching locations from Wapo to Frederick.  Cost is $136.50 for Jan and $93 for April.  8 meals vs 5 meals is the difference in cost. When we take member payments for retreat, they will be made directly out to the retreat center.  We will collect them in advance and organize.  More retreat details in the November meeting.
·        Caring Quilts – we received a $200 grant from the Electric Coop
·        Sunshine Committee-  it was approved to have guidelines of $25 gifts of flowers or plant with a card for a sickness/death of a member, spouse.  For child or parents - $20. This information will be added to the Sunshine Committee info so that everyone stays updated with the guidelines.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We will miss you Loralei!

What a lovely service today for Loralei.  Such a beautiful family.  Loralei did serve and love everyone around her and she is a wonderful example for us to follow.  Her quilts were all along the pews for everyone to enjoy and touch, to give a bit of warmth. Our thoughts and prayers are with friends and family.  We will miss her and keep her in our hearts - until we see each other again - we love you, Loralei!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Come see us at our show!

Welcome!  Visit our show page where you can get a map, schedule a Quilt Appraisal time with Jean Carlton and get all the other show details here!  We can't wait to visit with you at our show - A Classy Affair!

Going Up North - Oct 4-6 - Quilt Show!

Passing along some info about a show up-north.  
Quilt Show
Hingeley Road Quilt Shop, Floodwood, MN  is holding the 3rd Annual Minnesota Charms Quilt Show at the Black Bear Casino Otter Creek Event Center, 1785 Hwy 210, Carlton, MN October 4-6th, 2012.  I thought your guild members might be interested.
For details and times: 
Thank you for passing this on to your members.
Hingeley Road Quilt Shop

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reminders for September Meeting – September 13th, 7 PM – St. Luke’s Church
Hostesses – Nancy Maki, Jean Potter, Linda Justman
Quilt ShowSee detailed notes below. Bring your sold raffle tickets, silent auction items, your willingness to sign up for stuff! J
Raffle Basket – Kathy Kloetzke won at the August meeting, she will bring in the new basket for this meeting.
Stash Busters – Lisa Franklin won, she will bring in new fabric! Patsy’s fabric – use purple and white, 10.5 unfinished blocks.
UFO was #1 – Bring in for show and tell so you can get into the contest!
Caring Quilts – Bring in anything you took to finish up!
Officer Nominations – President and Secretary are up for grabs! Voting at the October Meeting.
I will have a copies of the Treasurer’s report at the meeting for folks to review.
August Meeting Notes:
We had a lovely speaker, Jean Carlton, Certified Quilt Appraiser. If you missed the meeting, she will be at the quilt show giving appraisals. Biggest takeaway is to label and document your quilts.

2012 Challenge Results!
Big thanks to everyone that participated. I think we had over 18 quilts that will be donated to Lakeview Hospital.  Our three-way tie for 1st was between Meg Byram, Cathy Smith and Donelle Fisk! You can get a chance to see the quilts again at the Quilt Show.
Barn Boards Update– to seal or not to seal -  paint used was exterior house paint, so should be fine. If you wish to seal, use an acrylic outdoor sealer, 2 coats. Here is a pic of Jean Krumm’s finished project  -  If you have pics from your project, please email to Kelly – I would like to do a post on the website.

Quilt Show Updates:
WITC concern about booking if we go to bi-annual.  They take reservations 1 year in advance, so Quilt Show committee just needs to mark calendar for January to contact.
We will be voting on Annual vs Bi-annual Show at the September meeting.

Silent Auction Items, please bring finished, priced items to the September meeting.  Give to Jean Potter.

Here are the numbers of quilts we have.  We are going to scrap the Lessons Learned section because we need that display space for regular quilts.
King - 11
Queen/Full - 13
Twin - 20
Lap/Twin - 24
Crib/Baby - 7
Wall Hanging - 14
Table Treatment - 7
Misc - 4

2012 RAFFLE - Please remember to bring raffle tickets to the meeting (stubs and money) if you are not planning on selling anymore.  Otherwise they must be handed in on Friday night during quilt drop off.  There will be a box or bag on the table with the quilt drop off.

Quilt Displays Around Town – Thanks to Jean Krumm, Betty Schmit, Mary Johnson and Patsy Larson for signing up (multiple times) If you would like to volunteer, contact Kelly Stodola.

Quilt Show Volunteer Spots – Please contact Sandy Balcerak  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Good morning everyone!  Mary S. shared this story and I thought I would post!

Telling a veteran's story in patterns on a quilt

By Alison Dirr
American News, Aberdeen, S.D.
Published: August 18, 2012
ABERDEEN, S.D. — Sue Helling leaned over, pointing to each helicopter and explaining its story.

"This is the first helicopter he flew," she said, motioning to an OH-6 Cayuse in mid-flight.
The helicopter is one of 10 cross stitch patterns sewn into the quilt displayed in the Home Arts Building at the Brown County Fair. Helling's piece won "best of class" at this year's fair. The six helicopters, four other cross stitch patterns and the U.S. Army uniform patches tell the story of one veteran she came to know while working as a nurse for the VA clinic in Aberdeen.

Merle Kjer of Aberdeen is that veteran, and he flew the helicopters in the more than 20 years he spent as an Army pilot. Although he crashed numerous times throughout his career, his final crash ended in a 1,000-foot fall and serious injuries to his head, neck and spine, she said. He spent the next 18 months in a body cast and made the cross stitch patterns during that time.

"Each patch took anywhere from five to 10 days. I worked on them all day. I didn't have nothing else to do," he said, laughing.
He gave the cross stitch designs to Helling earlier this year, and in March she began a three-month process of designing and piecing together the quilt.

"It was a lot of fun to dream up and create it," she said.
Although she began as his nurse, both say they have become friends over the years, even though they do not see each other as much anymore.

She had made 17 or 18 quilts before, but this was the first time she designed one, she said. The process took her out of her box. And now that she looks at the final product, she said this quilt is her favorite because it has so much meaning.

"I feel like I was able to capture parts of Merle's life as a way to honor him," she said.
Each patch or pattern tells a story, and Kjer said that was one of his favorite aspects of the quilt. Helling arranged the patches from the first helicopter he flew to the last, telling the story of his career.

"It tells a story about hardships that a soldier has to go through in order to accomplish goals in the military, and it requires hours and months and constant training to gain the skills that we need to go into combat," he said.

Kjer has not yet seen the entire quilt. As Helling was making it, she would bring photos on her cellphone for him to see. His first real glimpse was at the Brown County Fair, where the quilt was folded into a small display case, revealing only a piece of his story.Helling said she plans to give it to him on a special occasion in the near future, and Kjer said if she does, he will hang the quilt on his living room wall. And though he has yet to see her work in its entirety, he said when he thinks about it he thinks about a good friend."It's gorgeous," he said. "I just love it. She did a really good job."

Friday, August 10, 2012

Jean Carlton - Guest Speaker Recap

Hey gals, if you are not on Facebook - time to open an account! Lots of great sharing, we are linked up with all the major quilt shops in MN and WI - so you get the latest news.  Just holler if you need help getting set up!

Here's just a brief recap of Jean Carlton's visit.  We want to keep some stuff a surprise for the show!

We're very happy to know she will be with us again at our 2012 Quilt Show, so we are sharing just a bit of what was gone through last night.  Our show just around the corner on 9/29-9/30! She will be booking 1/2 hour appointments.  Public is welcome to view the appraisals (if you would like private appt - just let us know!) You can be confident that Jean will not share monetary info during the appraisal - you'll get that all in writing for your private use.  Very, very informative talk last night!  Biggest take-away from the night was LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!  Did you know that during the MN Quilt Project that in over 4000 quilts documented, only about 185 actually had labels?  All that history gone!  Jean recommends just using a piece of muslin with freezer paper backing, use a permanent acid free pen and write the basics, made by, date, place and if it's a gift - who it's given to!  Also, take pictures of your quilts - full, close-up and of that important label!  Start picking away at your stash of quilts!

Remember - if you want to book an appointment, just go to our Quilt Show page and scroll down to the form!
Here are some pics from last night!
Jean is very informative and funny!  

This red and white quilt was so beautiful!

Keep those doll quilts! They are rate and can be very valuable!

Challenge Winners!

This year's challenge was to create a quilt based off a beanie baby that you drew out of a bag!  We are donating these quilts to Lakeview Hospital - We love to help make hospital stays for kids just a little more tolerable with a warm quilt! I did not get pics of everyone's quilt last night, but here are the proud winners!  (All tied for first place - how perfect is that?) From left to right, Donelle Fisk, Cathy Smith and Meg Byram.  Sorry Meg - the other photo I took showing your whole lovely face was too blurry!  Scroll to see some close ups!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July/August 2012 News

August Reminders:

St. Luke’s – 7 pm, Thursday, August 9th

2012 Challenge Voting – Please bring your completed and bound quilts with corresponding beanie baby.  Please label the back – first names ok, include Willow River Piecemakers.  The quilts will be donated to Lakeview Hospital.

Quilt Appraisals - Please remember to call Jean Carlton, the quilt appraiser, to set up a time to appraise a quilt for you prior to our August meeting.  She needs to set up a schedule.
Her telephone number is:  952-240-9187

Hostesses:  Mary Johnson, Patsy Larson, Erica Olson

Silent Auction/Buy Now Items – Please start to bring in your items to the August meeting  - Jean Potter is organizing

Quilt Registration Form – please bring in all completed forms to Sandy Balcerak.  Include a “lesson” you may have learned in the notes section

July Meeting Notes:

UFO #3

Raffle – Donelle won, $25 raised.

Stash Busters – Patsy won!  She will bring fabric in to Aug. meeting,  Cathy Smith brough in fabric – 10.5 inches unfinished, use gold/white.

Caring Quilts – bring home bundles, please bring back finished blocks to August meeting – sign in/out with Betty Schmit.

Quilt Show – Please look in your past quilts for examples of lessons learned quilts – we will have a special display

Announcements – Sew Country and Fabric Town closing.

Hands & Heart Quilt Show – Boyceville Middle School -The Cucumber Festival - August 17, 18, 19, 2012

Grace Place – In need of basic supplies – paper plates, toilet paper, paper towels, etc – bring your donations directly to Grace Place or to the Aug. meeting and Donelle will deliver.

Book Donations Update – 24 books went to New Richmond, 12 to Deer Park – thanks to everyone that donated and to Jean Krumm for coordinating!

Quilt Show Discussion – Sandy Balcerak brought up the idea for going to a bi-annual show, current Quilt Show Committee supports this idea – economics, time/effort for yearly show, quality and qty of quilts – all factors in suggesting we go to bi-annual format.  We would have our current show of 2012 and then next show 2014.  Further discussion to be had at August meeting, voting at September.  Need decision September so we can publicize if approved.

Siren School Donations - Erica Olson requested for donations for the Siren School fire – if you have any kindergarten level toys you’d like to clean out (gently used) – please contact Erica.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday!  Thanks to Nancy Maki for taking notes for me at the June meeting.  If you can recall who won the raffle basket, please let me know.  Patsy was having computer problems, so the treasurer’s report will be brought to the meeting for review.  Attached you will find the latest version of the contact list – had some changes since the last one.

Next Meeting – Thursday, July 12 – 7 pm -  St. Luke’s Church

Info/Reminders – If you have anything for the agenda, please email or call Donelle before the meeting so she can plan accordingly.
Program for July - discussion on reconciliation of quilts.  Bring ideas on what you have have done if you get quilt blocks that are not all the same size.
Hostesses for July – Kelly Stodola, Donelle Fisk, Heidi Headlee
Challenge quilts are due at the August meeting - please contact Jean Potter or Patsy Larson if you have any questions.
Caring Quilts - If you took Caring Quilt blocks to assemble, please bring them back to the July meeting.

June 22, 2012 minutes

Submitted by Nancy Maki
The guild gathered for our annual picnic meeting at the home of Becky Koehler.  Thank you, Becky, for the use of your lovely place.

Donelle has flyers and bookmarker available for all members to take and distribute where they see fit to advertise the quilt show.

Cathy Smith won the stashbusters blocks.  Debbie Erikerson brought fabric for the next set of stashbuster blocks.  Use any color(s) that go with the fabric to make a 10 ½” unfinished block to bring to the July meeting.

The basket was won by  ?  .  We collected $19.00 from the basket.
Betty Schmit had several kits cut and ready to be pieced together for caring quilts.

The next UFO number is 2.
Secretary Report was accepted.  Treasurer report was accepted with a balance of $3784.00.
A number of “Thank You” notes were read.  A caring quilt was given to a gal with cancer and a guy with heart problems.

Reminder – The quilt appraiser will be at the August meeting.  If you are interested in have her appraise quilt please let Nancy M know.  The appraiser is willing to come early before the meeting to do that.  The cost is $40 to have a quilt appraised.

Quilt show registrations will be available at the July meeting and are due by the August meeting.
Let Nancy Maki know if you are interested in making a Barn Quilt.  That group will meet right before the July meeting.  Time for meeting will be 6:30.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tonight's Picnic is still a GO!

Plenty of space at Becky's house for the picnic!  No sense in putting away your winter sweaters, cause ya could need them any day and the next have the air-conditioning on!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May/June News

Hi Everyone – sending out the meeting info early so we can make sure those folks that get stuff mailed have the map to Becky Koehler’s house in time for the June Picnic!  No treasurer’s report since this is going out early – we will have the report for review at the June meeting.

June Meeting Reminders

6 PM – Potluck!
Bring a chair
Hostesses – Nancy Gehrman, Kay Rindal, Bridget Mortensen, JoAnn Matter – dinnerware and drinks for the potluck.

May Meeting Info:
Raffle Basket – Gay Johnson won and will bring the basket back to the June meeting.
UFO #9
Stashbusters – Winner is Debbie Eckerson – Lora will bring her the blocks and bring back new fabric to June’s meeting. Nancy Maki brought in a cream floral – cream, beige or dark green, 10.5 inches unfinished.

Welcome new member, Yvonne Green – see attached new member list.

Correspondance/News – We had some thank-you’s for caring quilts and Cathy Smith sent thanks.  Please keep Meg Tryba’s family in your thoughts and prayers, Marty had emergency eye surgery Thursday and is recuperating.

Caring Quilts –
Missing one of the quilts that was taken for binding…please let Betty know if you have it.  Please make sure to sign out projects with Betty so we can track everything!
Quilts given away to Donelle’s co-worker’s 3 kids – lost home in fire – family quilts lost – so sad!
Betty gave a quilt to the 6th grader in New Richmond going through cancer treatment right now, Katie Wilcoxson & Wyatt (took some jumbled notes here..sory!) Jean Krumm visited 3rd graders and ended up giving a quilt to a young man for his grandpa.

Quilt Show Update
Handed out raffle tickets – please do your very best to sell the tickets, we go to a lot of expense to print them and may need to cut back on printing if they are not getting sold.  We will not be mailing the tickets out this year, you must attend the June or July meeting or make arrangements with another member to pick them up for you.

Donelle gave an update on WITC – renovations to the student café area and to the presentation room will make things more comfortable.  We will have 2 published speakers for the event – here is their info:
Saturday  - Sandy Irish  - - She will also be vending at the show.
Sunday – Amanda Jean Nyberg -
Saturday - We will also have a certified quilt appraiser, Jean Carlton. She is the one that will be visiting our guild at the August meeting – She does not have a website.  Appraisals will be $50 and should take ½ hour.  Attendees of the show will be able to watch and listen as she appraises the quilts.  Here is a link to her blog -

We will not be offering food this year, we are going to approach local businesses for special coupons to give just to attendees.

2013 Retreat Committee – JoDee gave an update
Moving to Frederick!  We have gotten our money back from Wapo – graciously…
Dates – Thursday thru Sunday, 1/10/13 – 1/13/13.  Arrive at noon.  8 meals provided Thurs – Sunday. $136.50.

SECOND RETREAT!  New for us!  We have a second retreat schedule  - little shorter – Friday through Sunday, 4/5-4/7/2013.  This cost will be $93.00

Other Business –

Book Donations Needed - Jean Krumm made an announcement that if you would like to bring in quilting books (full-fledged books only) to the June meeting, she will get them over to the library system.  We need better books to entice new quilters!

Make Your Own Barn Block! – Nancy Maki brought up that  members are getting together to make their own blocks for their sheds or barns – Making them at Betty’s house.  Sign-up next month.  4x8 piece of the special plywood will be $50 – so for a 4x4 - $25.  Think about your design and colors – share paint!  If you are interested, Eagle Creek Quilts is having a bus tour of Chaska and Waconia barn quilts.  July 28th, cost is $48 – call or visit the Eagle Creek Quilts website for more details.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raffle Quilt Tickets for May Meeting!

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be handing out the raffle tickets at the May, June and July meetings.  If you can't make those meetings, please plan on having a guild friend pick them up for you!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

April/May News

Reminder – Sunday, May 6th -

May Meeting Reminders – May 10th, 7 pm St. Luke’s

UFO #8
Hostesses – Laurie Croone, Gay Johnson, Marie Tiegen, Nancy Maki
Raffle Basket – I neglected to write down who won – please let me know if it was you! 
Stashbusters – Kathy Kloetzke brought in the fabric – any color that matches, 10 ½ unfinished.
Caring Quilts – Please remember to bring in any blocks, quilts you were working on last month.  We have a couple of missing blocks – sorry for the blurriness of the pic…

April Meeting Notes:

Correspondance – Turning Point sent a thank you, Marie Tiegen thank you, Patsy shared Loralei’s greetings to everyone!

June picnic – Becky Koehler has graciously invited us to use her place – Thanks Becky!  6 pm, June 14th.  Attached is the google map – with directions coming from St. Luke’s as a central point.

By-laws Voting Results – Please see attached new copy of the by-laws.
Proposed Change
Article I: Name and Office
The name of the organization shall be the Willow River Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Willow River Piecemakers Quilt Guild is an unincorporated association and shall remain so by keeping gross revenues under $5000 annually.

Article I: Name and Office
To ensure protection of the members, officers of the guild and for the public for which we serve; liability coverage will be secured annually. 

Article V: Committees
2. Membership Committee – Eliminate this committee – not used.

Article V: Committees
5.  Raffle Quilts – Responsible for organizing and making quilt for the Willow River Piecemakers quilt show.

Article V: Committees
6. Fire Quilts – Now termed Caring Quilts.  Caring Quilts; Responsible for organizing and making quilts given to people experiencing crisis such as illness or disaster and to military personnel serving overseas or injured in military service. Also for making and presenting quilt for the first baby born in new year at Westfields Hospital in New Richmond, WI.


Quilt Show –
Discussion was had on potentially moving location of the show from WITC to the New Richmond Community Center.  Due to no liability insurance and other concerns, it was voted to keep it at WITC.

Raffle tickets – We will be distributing the raffle tickets at the May meeting.  They will be available at the June and July meetings.  We won’t be mailing them out this year, so please make arrangements with another member to pick them up if you cannot make the May, June or July meetings.  We are looking at several of the local fests and selling raffle tickets – more details and sign-ups to come.

Program –
Nancy Maki gave a great presentation on quilting basics – how to help your accuracy – thanks Nancy!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

March/April News

Upcoming April Meeting Reminders:
Hostesses are Diane Havens, Patsy Larson, Jean Krumm

By-Laws Voting – please see attached ballot for you to review the proposed changes. All the instructions are on the ballot.

Mystery Quilt Judging – please bring your completed (quilted, bound) quilt for judging) Should be lots of fun to see what everyone created!

Special note from Betty Schmit: I am looking for one packet or two blocks so I can finish a caring quilt.
It is a Contrary Wife block pattern with turquoise, grayish and a black piece with turquoise and green shades. Everyone please look and see if you have this because we do not have any more of the fabric!!! What to do??
Thank you, Betty

March Meeting Notes:
Stashbusters – Mary Pagel was unable to attend the March meeting, so it was decided to make a black and white 10 ½ unfinished blocks if you’d like to participate. True white please. Kathy Kloetske won the blocks and will bring fabric to the April meeting.
UFO is #7 for April
Raffle Basket – Cathy Smith won the basket and will bring it in for the April meeting.

Mary & Gary Tittle Thank You
Cindy Peer Thank You
Loralei Miller sends her welcome and hugs to everyone! Patsy Larson, Betty Schmit, Patsy Larson, Jean Krumm and Nancy Maki all got together and finished up the quilt for Loralei’s son’s wedding. Really special!

Quilt Show Committee
Update on show location - QS Committee met at the New Richmond Community center to review the location. It is much brighter and larger than WITC, parking may be a concern. It will be approximately the same cost as WITC at $400. Some loose ends will be looked into and brought back to review at the April meeting:
1) Can the VFW supply food?
2) Will WITC improve the lighting if we ask?
3) If we utilize the other spaces at the NR Comm Center, what are the exact costs.
4) Would it be better to have it at WITC one last year and advertise that we are moving the next?

Caring Quilts Committee
Jean Krumm talked about bringing over pillow cases to Turning Point, center for domestic abuse. If you would like to make a pillow case to donate, please feel free to make and bring to any guild meeting – we will make sure they get delivered. Here are some links to easy pillow case patterns:

There are quilts to bind and kits to pick up. Please let Betty know if you take a quilt or kit.

Raffle Quilt Committee
Anyone is welcome to Stanton Town Hall Friday, 3/9 and Saturday 3/10 to work on the 2013 Raffle Quilt. Bring your own lunch.

Program Committee
MN Quilt Show is in June – are we interested in renting a bus. Cost looks to be $800 - $1000. Do we want to open it to other guilds to help fill the bus. If you are interested in going, please see Sandy for the sign-up sheet.

Nancy Maki brought up Oak Forrest Center in Frederick WI – this is a very nice retreat center with comfortable beds, very nice sewing facilities. Two meals are provided per day. $85 for a 4 day, three night retreat.

Thanks to Eileen and the Program Committee for the Favorite Tools program!

Request from Kelly - I did not keep notes on all of the tools people brought – did anyone? If you did, could you send them to me and I will type them up and have some copies available for people that missed the meeting.

Snow Quilts!

Jean Krumm sent in this wonderful info to share!
Check out these snow quilts!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mar/April News

Sorry everyone - My computer went down, so I am in the process of rebuilding everything - will have the minutes posted here as soon as I can.

Friday, March 2, 2012

February/March Newsletter

Feb/March 2012 WRPM Newsletter

Hello everyone!

March Meeting Reminders:  Meeting is March, 8th, starting at 7 pm.
It’s a business meeting – we’ll be going over the proposed by-laws changes.  Remember to bring in your favorite tool to share!
Hostesses are Meg Tryba, Betty Schmit and Becky Koehler.

Jean K. has passed on the info that we will be getting together at Stanton town hall March 9th and 10th to work on the raffle quilt.  Interested folks should come and have some fun!  More info to come at the March meeting

Do you need a new name tag?
I have the following I think that need tags – Debbie Eckerson, Debbi Biedler, Erica Olson, JoAnn Matter, Laurie Croone, Kathy Kloetzke(?)  Please email me as soon as you can so I can get the info to Sandy to do the order.

February Meeting Minutes:
January minutes approved.
Raffle basket – Try to keep the value at $15.  Kirstin Mehls won the basket and will bring it in for the March meeting.
UFO – #6
Stashbusters – Diane brought in fabric – use colors of the flowers – no brown, black or white.  10.5” unfinished.  Mary Pagel won the blocks and will bring in fabric to the March meeting.
Correspondance – Nancy Gehrman sent a thank you

Miscellaneous Notes – See attached info on a Janome for sale – see Erica if you have questions.  Donelle is checking on requirements for getting the 10% VIP discount at Joann’s.  Sunday, May 6th is a fundraiser for Grace Place – Quilt Speaker – info was passed around.

Committee Reports –
Non-profit – all changes needed to be mailed or emailed to Kelly by 2/20.  We will discuss the proposed changes at the March meeting – with final vote at the April meeting.  Meg reported on Liability insurance findings – right now, the leading bid is for a whole year of coverage costing $315.00  This would cover up to $5000 for our equipment and $1Mil for injury claims.  Discussion was had on the necessity of the coverage.  Members will be able to vote on the coverage with the by-laws changes.

Quilt Show – Theme is “A Classy Affair.”  We’ll be offering simple lessons/demonstrations. Start thinking of any demos you’d like to do. When looking at your quilts for the show, try to think of what lesson you learned while making it. We’ll have a special display of quilts (so no matter the age) that show special lessons.  Committee is also researching locations – just to see what is out there.

Please see the attached copy of the by-laws.  All proposed changes must be presented at the March meeting.  Here is what we have so far:

Article 1:
Addition of the following statement:
Willow River Piecemakers Quilt Guild is an unincorporated association and shall remain so by keeping gross revenues under $5000 annually.  To ensure protection of the members, officers of the guild and for the public which we serve, liability insurance coverage will be secured annually.

Article 5:  Committees
#2 – Membership committee – Eliminate this committee.  As written in the by-laws, one of the secretary duties is to manage all records. This has historically included one all-inclusive report of membership.
#6 – Fire Quilts – This should be changed to Caring Quilts.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jan/Feb Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

For February's Meeting: Hostesses for February – Kirstin Mehls, Eileen Van Dyk, Lora Novak Reminder – Mary Wolfe needle-turn applique class at Stanton Town Hall – 9 am to approx. 4 pm. Saturday, 2/18 2013

Retreat update from Meg Dates are January 17 – 20. We are looking into prices for going on Wednesday the 16th, And meal options for that length of stay.

January Meeting Notes: December meeting minutes approved.

Correspondance – Thank you from Grace Place for the pillow cases and quilts. Note thanking the 2011 Quilt Show committee for their hard work.

Stash Busters – 10 ½ unfinished. Floral, blue gold, rose – no green and no tan. Fabric brought in by Betty Schmit You can google 10" quilt blocks to get ideas, also Round the Block & Round the Block Again by Judy Hopkins are good books. Diane won the blocks and will bring in fabric to the Feb. meeting.

Raffle Basket – Kay V. brought in the basket. Donelle won the basket and will bring it in for the February meeting.

UFO is #4

Quilt Block Exchange – You will make the same block with different fabrics, whatever the person has specified on their card. 12 ½ unfinished. Here is an update from Nancy Maki – The following members have signed up for the block exchange: Kirstin Mehls Nancy Gehrman JoDee Johnston Laurie Croone Jean Potter Sancy Balcerek Betty Schmit Diane Havens Mary Pagel Barb Rogers Jean Krumm Lora Novak Mary Jo Allison Donelle Fisk Linda Pettite (Barb's sister) No sure I spelled the last name correctly – Question from Kelly – Is Linda joining, I do not have a membership form for her… Nancy Maki That is 16. A perfect number. Therefore each of you will need 1 more index card with your info on for the Feb meeting. I will give anyone who wants to sign up one more chance to do so. You must contact me by Feb 1st to be included in this exchange.

Non-profit Committee Update- Attached you will find the by-laws. Please review and email or mail any changes to Kelly Stodola by Monday, 2/20. I will compile all the changes requested and organize to present at the March meeting.
Kelly Stodola 1946 62nd Street Somerset, WI 54025
Meg has talked with American Family and given an estimated quote for $315 annual for 1M in liability and $5000 in equipment coverage. She is in process of obtaining a few more quotes for comparison.

Sunshine Committee Committee put together some guidelines – To keep gifts under $25 – this was moved and seconded – approved. Program Committee Guild approved having Quilt Appraiser come. February program – Meg T. will be showing us how to draft a block.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dec/Jan News

Happy New Year Everyone!  Please see important reminders in red.
Hostesses for the January 12th – 7 pm St. Luke’s meeting are Jean Potter and Meg Byram
Caring Quilt Committee is meeting early at 6:30 before Guild Meeting

Documents attached: 
·         2012 membership list – please review and let me know if there are any corrections.  Once I know we are good, I will make the more “easily” read list.
·         Retreat notes – all those going to retreat, please review this info.
·         Treasurer’s Report

December Meeting Notes:
No visitors were at the meeting

Non-Profit Committee Update-
Great News – we found a free legal resource out of Marquette Law University in Milwaukee that helps non-profits.  We also met with a local lawyer, Tammy Skoglund of Bakke Norman.  Minimal bill of less than $250 to meet with her.  Both contacts confirmed:
1)       We are considered an Unincorporated Association in the eyes of WI.  This offers some protection and separation from our personal assets.
2)      Under $5000 of gross earnings per year – we do not need to file non-profit status or pay taxes for Federal
3)      Under $5000 of gross earnings per year – they believe we do not need to file with WI either, but that we need to confirm with the state.  Kelly is looking into this
4)      Liability coverage – both agree that we should research liability coverage for our events of retreat and quilt show.  Meg will be looking into this
We will bring updates to the January meeting on state tax and liability coverage.  There will be some bi-law changes needed to ensure we stay under $5000 earnings and to ensure we get the correct coverage for events.  January we will discuss, February distribute bi-laws, March review changes, April vote on any changes.  2/3 vote of entire membership is needed, so we will need to mail any ballots to out of town members and give them time to mail back in time for April meeting.

Committee/Hostess Sign-up – If you sign up by the end of the night, you will be in a drawing for a Joanne’s gift card.  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!

January 11th – Calling Tree Test – Donelle and Kelly will be doing the test – Donelle will be handling the text and email, Kelly the phone. 

Raffle Basket – Joann brought in a very nice basket.  December’s Raffle Basket winner was Kay Vogt – she will bring in the basket for January.

UFO drawn for December = #10 – bring in your 10th item finished for show & tell at the January Meeting

Caring Quilts – packets available, please bring back completed to the next meeting.
Brought 12 quilts and pillowcases to Grace Place.  Committee Meeting at 6:30 before our January 12th meeting.

Stash Busters – Mary Jo brought in fabric.  Instructions were on the fabric.  10 ½ unfinished – 30’s prints and/or solids.  Betty won the blocks and will bring in fabric at the January meeting.

Retreat – See the attached info from Retreat committee.
Please bring your 12” pieces of 30’s repro fabric to the January meeting. 
There will be 2 vendors at retreat – Alicia and Bolt Quilt Shop out of Amery.

Program Committee –
Next class is February 18th at Stanton Town Hall.  9:00 am – 4 pm.  Please be early and set up!  Remember appropriate materials.
Class will be taught by Mary Wolf – Needle Turn Applique.  Love Blooms is the quilt pattern if you wish to make it.  From the book “Favorite Quilts from Anka’s Treasures – you can find it on Ebay or Amazon – here is the Amazon link:

Quilt Block Exchange –
This note is from Nancy Maki –
For those who wish to participate in the quilt challenge that I talked about at the December meeting, please come to the January meeting with a bunch of address labels.  I have a couple of packs of index cards.  We will determine those who will be participating and then fill out the index cards with you name and address (address labels) and phone number.  Each person will get a card for every other participant.  You will take the cards with you to put other information with them.  For example you could probably include a swatch of fabric you want others to use as a guide to their fabric selections or a definition of the fabrics you them to use for your block.  You will then mail that information to all those who are participating.  Will have more discussion at the January meeting.