Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dec/Jan News

Happy New Year Everyone!  Please see important reminders in red.
Hostesses for the January 12th – 7 pm St. Luke’s meeting are Jean Potter and Meg Byram
Caring Quilt Committee is meeting early at 6:30 before Guild Meeting

Documents attached: 
·         2012 membership list – please review and let me know if there are any corrections.  Once I know we are good, I will make the more “easily” read list.
·         Retreat notes – all those going to retreat, please review this info.
·         Treasurer’s Report

December Meeting Notes:
No visitors were at the meeting

Non-Profit Committee Update-
Great News – we found a free legal resource out of Marquette Law University in Milwaukee that helps non-profits.  We also met with a local lawyer, Tammy Skoglund of Bakke Norman.  Minimal bill of less than $250 to meet with her.  Both contacts confirmed:
1)       We are considered an Unincorporated Association in the eyes of WI.  This offers some protection and separation from our personal assets.
2)      Under $5000 of gross earnings per year – we do not need to file non-profit status or pay taxes for Federal
3)      Under $5000 of gross earnings per year – they believe we do not need to file with WI either, but that we need to confirm with the state.  Kelly is looking into this
4)      Liability coverage – both agree that we should research liability coverage for our events of retreat and quilt show.  Meg will be looking into this
We will bring updates to the January meeting on state tax and liability coverage.  There will be some bi-law changes needed to ensure we stay under $5000 earnings and to ensure we get the correct coverage for events.  January we will discuss, February distribute bi-laws, March review changes, April vote on any changes.  2/3 vote of entire membership is needed, so we will need to mail any ballots to out of town members and give them time to mail back in time for April meeting.

Committee/Hostess Sign-up – If you sign up by the end of the night, you will be in a drawing for a Joanne’s gift card.  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!

January 11th – Calling Tree Test – Donelle and Kelly will be doing the test – Donelle will be handling the text and email, Kelly the phone. 

Raffle Basket – Joann brought in a very nice basket.  December’s Raffle Basket winner was Kay Vogt – she will bring in the basket for January.

UFO drawn for December = #10 – bring in your 10th item finished for show & tell at the January Meeting

Caring Quilts – packets available, please bring back completed to the next meeting.
Brought 12 quilts and pillowcases to Grace Place.  Committee Meeting at 6:30 before our January 12th meeting.

Stash Busters – Mary Jo brought in fabric.  Instructions were on the fabric.  10 ½ unfinished – 30’s prints and/or solids.  Betty won the blocks and will bring in fabric at the January meeting.

Retreat – See the attached info from Retreat committee.
Please bring your 12” pieces of 30’s repro fabric to the January meeting. 
There will be 2 vendors at retreat – Alicia and Bolt Quilt Shop out of Amery.

Program Committee –
Next class is February 18th at Stanton Town Hall.  9:00 am – 4 pm.  Please be early and set up!  Remember appropriate materials.
Class will be taught by Mary Wolf – Needle Turn Applique.  Love Blooms is the quilt pattern if you wish to make it.  From the book “Favorite Quilts from Anka’s Treasures – you can find it on Ebay or Amazon – here is the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Favorite-Quilts-Ankas-Treasures-Patchwork/dp/1564777146

Quilt Block Exchange –
This note is from Nancy Maki –
For those who wish to participate in the quilt challenge that I talked about at the December meeting, please come to the January meeting with a bunch of address labels.  I have a couple of packs of index cards.  We will determine those who will be participating and then fill out the index cards with you name and address (address labels) and phone number.  Each person will get a card for every other participant.  You will take the cards with you to put other information with them.  For example you could probably include a swatch of fabric you want others to use as a guide to their fabric selections or a definition of the fabrics you them to use for your block.  You will then mail that information to all those who are participating.  Will have more discussion at the January meeting.