Sunday, April 8, 2012

March/April News

Upcoming April Meeting Reminders:
Hostesses are Diane Havens, Patsy Larson, Jean Krumm

By-Laws Voting – please see attached ballot for you to review the proposed changes. All the instructions are on the ballot.

Mystery Quilt Judging – please bring your completed (quilted, bound) quilt for judging) Should be lots of fun to see what everyone created!

Special note from Betty Schmit: I am looking for one packet or two blocks so I can finish a caring quilt.
It is a Contrary Wife block pattern with turquoise, grayish and a black piece with turquoise and green shades. Everyone please look and see if you have this because we do not have any more of the fabric!!! What to do??
Thank you, Betty

March Meeting Notes:
Stashbusters – Mary Pagel was unable to attend the March meeting, so it was decided to make a black and white 10 ½ unfinished blocks if you’d like to participate. True white please. Kathy Kloetske won the blocks and will bring fabric to the April meeting.
UFO is #7 for April
Raffle Basket – Cathy Smith won the basket and will bring it in for the April meeting.

Mary & Gary Tittle Thank You
Cindy Peer Thank You
Loralei Miller sends her welcome and hugs to everyone! Patsy Larson, Betty Schmit, Patsy Larson, Jean Krumm and Nancy Maki all got together and finished up the quilt for Loralei’s son’s wedding. Really special!

Quilt Show Committee
Update on show location - QS Committee met at the New Richmond Community center to review the location. It is much brighter and larger than WITC, parking may be a concern. It will be approximately the same cost as WITC at $400. Some loose ends will be looked into and brought back to review at the April meeting:
1) Can the VFW supply food?
2) Will WITC improve the lighting if we ask?
3) If we utilize the other spaces at the NR Comm Center, what are the exact costs.
4) Would it be better to have it at WITC one last year and advertise that we are moving the next?

Caring Quilts Committee
Jean Krumm talked about bringing over pillow cases to Turning Point, center for domestic abuse. If you would like to make a pillow case to donate, please feel free to make and bring to any guild meeting – we will make sure they get delivered. Here are some links to easy pillow case patterns:

There are quilts to bind and kits to pick up. Please let Betty know if you take a quilt or kit.

Raffle Quilt Committee
Anyone is welcome to Stanton Town Hall Friday, 3/9 and Saturday 3/10 to work on the 2013 Raffle Quilt. Bring your own lunch.

Program Committee
MN Quilt Show is in June – are we interested in renting a bus. Cost looks to be $800 - $1000. Do we want to open it to other guilds to help fill the bus. If you are interested in going, please see Sandy for the sign-up sheet.

Nancy Maki brought up Oak Forrest Center in Frederick WI – this is a very nice retreat center with comfortable beds, very nice sewing facilities. Two meals are provided per day. $85 for a 4 day, three night retreat.

Thanks to Eileen and the Program Committee for the Favorite Tools program!

Request from Kelly - I did not keep notes on all of the tools people brought – did anyone? If you did, could you send them to me and I will type them up and have some copies available for people that missed the meeting.

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