Monday, May 21, 2012

May/June News

Hi Everyone – sending out the meeting info early so we can make sure those folks that get stuff mailed have the map to Becky Koehler’s house in time for the June Picnic!  No treasurer’s report since this is going out early – we will have the report for review at the June meeting.

June Meeting Reminders

6 PM – Potluck!
Bring a chair
Hostesses – Nancy Gehrman, Kay Rindal, Bridget Mortensen, JoAnn Matter – dinnerware and drinks for the potluck.

May Meeting Info:
Raffle Basket – Gay Johnson won and will bring the basket back to the June meeting.
UFO #9
Stashbusters – Winner is Debbie Eckerson – Lora will bring her the blocks and bring back new fabric to June’s meeting. Nancy Maki brought in a cream floral – cream, beige or dark green, 10.5 inches unfinished.

Welcome new member, Yvonne Green – see attached new member list.

Correspondance/News – We had some thank-you’s for caring quilts and Cathy Smith sent thanks.  Please keep Meg Tryba’s family in your thoughts and prayers, Marty had emergency eye surgery Thursday and is recuperating.

Caring Quilts –
Missing one of the quilts that was taken for binding…please let Betty know if you have it.  Please make sure to sign out projects with Betty so we can track everything!
Quilts given away to Donelle’s co-worker’s 3 kids – lost home in fire – family quilts lost – so sad!
Betty gave a quilt to the 6th grader in New Richmond going through cancer treatment right now, Katie Wilcoxson & Wyatt (took some jumbled notes here..sory!) Jean Krumm visited 3rd graders and ended up giving a quilt to a young man for his grandpa.

Quilt Show Update
Handed out raffle tickets – please do your very best to sell the tickets, we go to a lot of expense to print them and may need to cut back on printing if they are not getting sold.  We will not be mailing the tickets out this year, you must attend the June or July meeting or make arrangements with another member to pick them up for you.

Donelle gave an update on WITC – renovations to the student cafĂ© area and to the presentation room will make things more comfortable.  We will have 2 published speakers for the event – here is their info:
Saturday  - Sandy Irish  - - She will also be vending at the show.
Sunday – Amanda Jean Nyberg -
Saturday - We will also have a certified quilt appraiser, Jean Carlton. She is the one that will be visiting our guild at the August meeting – She does not have a website.  Appraisals will be $50 and should take ½ hour.  Attendees of the show will be able to watch and listen as she appraises the quilts.  Here is a link to her blog -

We will not be offering food this year, we are going to approach local businesses for special coupons to give just to attendees.

2013 Retreat Committee – JoDee gave an update
Moving to Frederick!  We have gotten our money back from Wapo – graciously…
Dates – Thursday thru Sunday, 1/10/13 – 1/13/13.  Arrive at noon.  8 meals provided Thurs – Sunday. $136.50.

SECOND RETREAT!  New for us!  We have a second retreat schedule  - little shorter – Friday through Sunday, 4/5-4/7/2013.  This cost will be $93.00

Other Business –

Book Donations Needed - Jean Krumm made an announcement that if you would like to bring in quilting books (full-fledged books only) to the June meeting, she will get them over to the library system.  We need better books to entice new quilters!

Make Your Own Barn Block! – Nancy Maki brought up that  members are getting together to make their own blocks for their sheds or barns – Making them at Betty’s house.  Sign-up next month.  4x8 piece of the special plywood will be $50 – so for a 4x4 - $25.  Think about your design and colors – share paint!  If you are interested, Eagle Creek Quilts is having a bus tour of Chaska and Waconia barn quilts.  July 28th, cost is $48 – call or visit the Eagle Creek Quilts website for more details.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raffle Quilt Tickets for May Meeting!

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be handing out the raffle tickets at the May, June and July meetings.  If you can't make those meetings, please plan on having a guild friend pick them up for you!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

April/May News

Reminder – Sunday, May 6th -

May Meeting Reminders – May 10th, 7 pm St. Luke’s

UFO #8
Hostesses – Laurie Croone, Gay Johnson, Marie Tiegen, Nancy Maki
Raffle Basket – I neglected to write down who won – please let me know if it was you! 
Stashbusters – Kathy Kloetzke brought in the fabric – any color that matches, 10 ½ unfinished.
Caring Quilts – Please remember to bring in any blocks, quilts you were working on last month.  We have a couple of missing blocks – sorry for the blurriness of the pic…

April Meeting Notes:

Correspondance – Turning Point sent a thank you, Marie Tiegen thank you, Patsy shared Loralei’s greetings to everyone!

June picnic – Becky Koehler has graciously invited us to use her place – Thanks Becky!  6 pm, June 14th.  Attached is the google map – with directions coming from St. Luke’s as a central point.

By-laws Voting Results – Please see attached new copy of the by-laws.
Proposed Change
Article I: Name and Office
The name of the organization shall be the Willow River Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Willow River Piecemakers Quilt Guild is an unincorporated association and shall remain so by keeping gross revenues under $5000 annually.

Article I: Name and Office
To ensure protection of the members, officers of the guild and for the public for which we serve; liability coverage will be secured annually. 

Article V: Committees
2. Membership Committee – Eliminate this committee – not used.

Article V: Committees
5.  Raffle Quilts – Responsible for organizing and making quilt for the Willow River Piecemakers quilt show.

Article V: Committees
6. Fire Quilts – Now termed Caring Quilts.  Caring Quilts; Responsible for organizing and making quilts given to people experiencing crisis such as illness or disaster and to military personnel serving overseas or injured in military service. Also for making and presenting quilt for the first baby born in new year at Westfields Hospital in New Richmond, WI.


Quilt Show –
Discussion was had on potentially moving location of the show from WITC to the New Richmond Community Center.  Due to no liability insurance and other concerns, it was voted to keep it at WITC.

Raffle tickets – We will be distributing the raffle tickets at the May meeting.  They will be available at the June and July meetings.  We won’t be mailing them out this year, so please make arrangements with another member to pick them up if you cannot make the May, June or July meetings.  We are looking at several of the local fests and selling raffle tickets – more details and sign-ups to come.

Program –
Nancy Maki gave a great presentation on quilting basics – how to help your accuracy – thanks Nancy!