Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reminders for September Meeting – September 13th, 7 PM – St. Luke’s Church
Hostesses – Nancy Maki, Jean Potter, Linda Justman
Quilt ShowSee detailed notes below. Bring your sold raffle tickets, silent auction items, your willingness to sign up for stuff! J
Raffle Basket – Kathy Kloetzke won at the August meeting, she will bring in the new basket for this meeting.
Stash Busters – Lisa Franklin won, she will bring in new fabric! Patsy’s fabric – use purple and white, 10.5 unfinished blocks.
UFO was #1 – Bring in for show and tell so you can get into the contest!
Caring Quilts – Bring in anything you took to finish up!
Officer Nominations – President and Secretary are up for grabs! Voting at the October Meeting.
I will have a copies of the Treasurer’s report at the meeting for folks to review.
August Meeting Notes:
We had a lovely speaker, Jean Carlton, Certified Quilt Appraiser. If you missed the meeting, she will be at the quilt show giving appraisals. Biggest takeaway is to label and document your quilts.

2012 Challenge Results!
Big thanks to everyone that participated. I think we had over 18 quilts that will be donated to Lakeview Hospital.  Our three-way tie for 1st was between Meg Byram, Cathy Smith and Donelle Fisk! You can get a chance to see the quilts again at the Quilt Show.
Barn Boards Update– to seal or not to seal -  paint used was exterior house paint, so should be fine. If you wish to seal, use an acrylic outdoor sealer, 2 coats. Here is a pic of Jean Krumm’s finished project  -  If you have pics from your project, please email to Kelly – I would like to do a post on the website.

Quilt Show Updates:
WITC concern about booking if we go to bi-annual.  They take reservations 1 year in advance, so Quilt Show committee just needs to mark calendar for January to contact.
We will be voting on Annual vs Bi-annual Show at the September meeting.

Silent Auction Items, please bring finished, priced items to the September meeting.  Give to Jean Potter.

Here are the numbers of quilts we have.  We are going to scrap the Lessons Learned section because we need that display space for regular quilts.
King - 11
Queen/Full - 13
Twin - 20
Lap/Twin - 24
Crib/Baby - 7
Wall Hanging - 14
Table Treatment - 7
Misc - 4

2012 RAFFLE - Please remember to bring raffle tickets to the meeting (stubs and money) if you are not planning on selling anymore.  Otherwise they must be handed in on Friday night during quilt drop off.  There will be a box or bag on the table with the quilt drop off.

Quilt Displays Around Town – Thanks to Jean Krumm, Betty Schmit, Mary Johnson and Patsy Larson for signing up (multiple times) If you would like to volunteer, contact Kelly Stodola.

Quilt Show Volunteer Spots – Please contact Sandy Balcerak  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Good morning everyone!  Mary S. shared this story and I thought I would post!

Telling a veteran's story in patterns on a quilt

By Alison Dirr
American News, Aberdeen, S.D.
Published: August 18, 2012
ABERDEEN, S.D. — Sue Helling leaned over, pointing to each helicopter and explaining its story.

"This is the first helicopter he flew," she said, motioning to an OH-6 Cayuse in mid-flight.
The helicopter is one of 10 cross stitch patterns sewn into the quilt displayed in the Home Arts Building at the Brown County Fair. Helling's piece won "best of class" at this year's fair. The six helicopters, four other cross stitch patterns and the U.S. Army uniform patches tell the story of one veteran she came to know while working as a nurse for the VA clinic in Aberdeen.

Merle Kjer of Aberdeen is that veteran, and he flew the helicopters in the more than 20 years he spent as an Army pilot. Although he crashed numerous times throughout his career, his final crash ended in a 1,000-foot fall and serious injuries to his head, neck and spine, she said. He spent the next 18 months in a body cast and made the cross stitch patterns during that time.

"Each patch took anywhere from five to 10 days. I worked on them all day. I didn't have nothing else to do," he said, laughing.
He gave the cross stitch designs to Helling earlier this year, and in March she began a three-month process of designing and piecing together the quilt.

"It was a lot of fun to dream up and create it," she said.
Although she began as his nurse, both say they have become friends over the years, even though they do not see each other as much anymore.

She had made 17 or 18 quilts before, but this was the first time she designed one, she said. The process took her out of her box. And now that she looks at the final product, she said this quilt is her favorite because it has so much meaning.

"I feel like I was able to capture parts of Merle's life as a way to honor him," she said.
Each patch or pattern tells a story, and Kjer said that was one of his favorite aspects of the quilt. Helling arranged the patches from the first helicopter he flew to the last, telling the story of his career.

"It tells a story about hardships that a soldier has to go through in order to accomplish goals in the military, and it requires hours and months and constant training to gain the skills that we need to go into combat," he said.

Kjer has not yet seen the entire quilt. As Helling was making it, she would bring photos on her cellphone for him to see. His first real glimpse was at the Brown County Fair, where the quilt was folded into a small display case, revealing only a piece of his story.Helling said she plans to give it to him on a special occasion in the near future, and Kjer said if she does, he will hang the quilt on his living room wall. And though he has yet to see her work in its entirety, he said when he thinks about it he thinks about a good friend."It's gorgeous," he said. "I just love it. She did a really good job."

Friday, August 10, 2012

Jean Carlton - Guest Speaker Recap

Hey gals, if you are not on Facebook - time to open an account! Lots of great sharing, we are linked up with all the major quilt shops in MN and WI - so you get the latest news.  Just holler if you need help getting set up!

Here's just a brief recap of Jean Carlton's visit.  We want to keep some stuff a surprise for the show!

We're very happy to know she will be with us again at our 2012 Quilt Show, so we are sharing just a bit of what was gone through last night.  Our show just around the corner on 9/29-9/30! She will be booking 1/2 hour appointments.  Public is welcome to view the appraisals (if you would like private appt - just let us know!) You can be confident that Jean will not share monetary info during the appraisal - you'll get that all in writing for your private use.  Very, very informative talk last night!  Biggest take-away from the night was LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!  Did you know that during the MN Quilt Project that in over 4000 quilts documented, only about 185 actually had labels?  All that history gone!  Jean recommends just using a piece of muslin with freezer paper backing, use a permanent acid free pen and write the basics, made by, date, place and if it's a gift - who it's given to!  Also, take pictures of your quilts - full, close-up and of that important label!  Start picking away at your stash of quilts!

Remember - if you want to book an appointment, just go to our Quilt Show page and scroll down to the form!
Here are some pics from last night!
Jean is very informative and funny!  

This red and white quilt was so beautiful!

Keep those doll quilts! They are rate and can be very valuable!

Challenge Winners!

This year's challenge was to create a quilt based off a beanie baby that you drew out of a bag!  We are donating these quilts to Lakeview Hospital - We love to help make hospital stays for kids just a little more tolerable with a warm quilt! I did not get pics of everyone's quilt last night, but here are the proud winners!  (All tied for first place - how perfect is that?) From left to right, Donelle Fisk, Cathy Smith and Meg Byram.  Sorry Meg - the other photo I took showing your whole lovely face was too blurry!  Scroll to see some close ups!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July/August 2012 News

August Reminders:

St. Luke’s – 7 pm, Thursday, August 9th

2012 Challenge Voting – Please bring your completed and bound quilts with corresponding beanie baby.  Please label the back – first names ok, include Willow River Piecemakers.  The quilts will be donated to Lakeview Hospital.

Quilt Appraisals - Please remember to call Jean Carlton, the quilt appraiser, to set up a time to appraise a quilt for you prior to our August meeting.  She needs to set up a schedule.
Her telephone number is:  952-240-9187

Hostesses:  Mary Johnson, Patsy Larson, Erica Olson

Silent Auction/Buy Now Items – Please start to bring in your items to the August meeting  - Jean Potter is organizing

Quilt Registration Form – please bring in all completed forms to Sandy Balcerak.  Include a “lesson” you may have learned in the notes section

July Meeting Notes:

UFO #3

Raffle – Donelle won, $25 raised.

Stash Busters – Patsy won!  She will bring fabric in to Aug. meeting,  Cathy Smith brough in fabric – 10.5 inches unfinished, use gold/white.

Caring Quilts – bring home bundles, please bring back finished blocks to August meeting – sign in/out with Betty Schmit.

Quilt Show – Please look in your past quilts for examples of lessons learned quilts – we will have a special display

Announcements – Sew Country and Fabric Town closing.

Hands & Heart Quilt Show – Boyceville Middle School -The Cucumber Festival - August 17, 18, 19, 2012

Grace Place – In need of basic supplies – paper plates, toilet paper, paper towels, etc – bring your donations directly to Grace Place or to the Aug. meeting and Donelle will deliver.

Book Donations Update – 24 books went to New Richmond, 12 to Deer Park – thanks to everyone that donated and to Jean Krumm for coordinating!

Quilt Show Discussion – Sandy Balcerak brought up the idea for going to a bi-annual show, current Quilt Show Committee supports this idea – economics, time/effort for yearly show, quality and qty of quilts – all factors in suggesting we go to bi-annual format.  We would have our current show of 2012 and then next show 2014.  Further discussion to be had at August meeting, voting at September.  Need decision September so we can publicize if approved.

Siren School Donations - Erica Olson requested for donations for the Siren School fire – if you have any kindergarten level toys you’d like to clean out (gently used) – please contact Erica.