Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Meeting Notes

December 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes

New President Eileen Van Dyk called the meeting to order:

6 Christmas stocking were brought to the meeting for show and tell.  Patsy Larson moved me donate them to Grace Place. 2nd by Mindy.  Motion approved.  Jean Krumm offered to drop them off at Grace Place during the day.  Linda A. also gave her some pillowcases to donate also.

Cheri Schmidt informed us that her daughter Carrie received a caring quilt and she absolutely loves it!!  She stated that the chemo is holding her daughter’s cancer steady by the side effects of the medications is tough.  There was a thank you read also from Carrie.

A correction was made from last month’s meeting minutes by Patsys.  Louis Armstrong in the minutes should have been Louis Germain.  Correction noted.

Many new ideas and topics were discussed at the meeting.  Eileen is working on a program booklet to hand out to the group with a schedule of events for the year.  She is hoping to have it available for January with new events to be added through the year.  There will be a truck show at the April meeting from Amanda Jean Nyberg from Sunday Morning Quilts. JoDee Johnston contacted Amanda and will be her contact.
There was discussion of doing a block of the month as a group from the book Farm Girl Vintage.  This will be decided at the January meeting.  Everyone will need to purchase the book if they are interested.  Alicia from quilt shop will give us a price break on the books if we decide to proceed.

Budget  - There was discussion of using last year’s expenditures for putting together a budget for this upcoming year.  If was brought up by Meg Tryba to increase the budget for the raffle quilt as it’s hard to put together a nice raffle quilt for the current budget. Patsy stated that she is on the raffle quilt committee for the upcoming quilt and that she has started on it and is using fabric from the quild’s fabric that is at Betty Schmit’s house.
Dues  - Dues are $15.00 this year.  They are being collected at this time.

Retreat  -  January’s retreat is at Oak Forrest Center in Frederic.  Jan 13-15th, 2017.  This is a Friday to Sunday retreat this year.  There are signup sheets going around.  They are hoping for 15-18 if possible.  I believe there were 12 people signed up at the time of the meeting.  Please get a hold of Eilleen Van Dyk if you are still interested in attending.

Kelly S. moved to adjourn the meeting.  2nd by Linda A.  Meeting adjourned.  

Potluck was enjoyed at the meeting. Kelly Stodola  and Bridget Larson.  Thank you.   Show and tell was done and we played the dice game, everyone winning fat quarters as prizes.  Fun was had by all.

Next month’s meeting will be January 12th, 2017.  This will be the evening before the retreat starts.

January Hostesses are Meg Tryba and Heidi Headlee.

We are hoping to have more demonstrations during the year and education opportunities.  Eileen is working on getting a speaker for the month of July.  She showed an example of a pillow at the meeting.  The group was interested in the pillow project.

Please be thinking about what quilting tips you can share with the group.  Or if you are interested in doing a demo, please let Eileen or any of the officers know.

Also, I just wanted to the let the guild know that the officers have met and discussed the many topics and issues from the November team building event.  A huge thank you goes out to Eileen for organizing this challenging and hopefully productive event.  We are working to make the guild meetings more streamlined and hopefully more educational and fun.  Please bring any ideas or suggestions forward to the group.

JoDee Johnston

Friday, December 2, 2016

November Meeting Notes

Thanks to everyone that attended our November Meeting. Our December meeting is a potluck and starts at 6:00 PM - St. Luke's. Hostesses are: Kelly Stodola & Bridget Larson Please remember to bring a Xmas stocking you have created to the meeting if you wish to participate in the donation. We will decide organization to receive the stockings at the December meeting. We will play the dice game, so bring a fat quarter if you wish to participate. Retreat funds are due (please see retreat info below.) If you have not paid your dues, those are also due. Please bring your Show & Tell! November Meeting Notes: Meeting began with a brief update on the October meeting info and the letter sent out to members. We then participated in a group session led by Eileen Van Dyk. This session was very valuable to determining next steps for the guild. Good news is that we are staying a guild! More info on updates to come. Nominations for President (Eileen Van Dyk) and Secretary (JoDee Johnston) were made and approved. Congratulations to our new officers! October Meeting minutes and Treasurer's Report were approved. We sent out a check to the Hudson High School Band Hawaii fundraiser for $579.00. Correspondence: Lori sent in a $40 donation to the guild due to our giving of a caring quilt to Louie Armstrong. Retreat - Sign-ups went around having members say Yes/No/Maybe to retreat. Retreat Cost is $102 for 4 people in a room. $94 for 5-7 people in a room. Most people seemed to prefer 4 people in a room. Please contact Eileen if you have a group of 5-7 in a room. Stockings Donation - Approved motion that WRPM members if they wish, can make Xmas stockings to bring to the December meeting. We will determine recipients at the December meeting. There is a free pattern here - Quilt Show - See attached reports Somerset Library Pillowcases Opportunity - Sewers are meeting up at the Somerset Library on Monday evenings from 5-7. Please call ahead if you will be going as not sure how many weeks they will continue this.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Meeting Minutes

Posting minutes as Interim Secretary - Kelly Stodola Our annual meeting took place. We had a potluck - thanks to our hostesses and everyone that brought delicious treats! Show and tell was completed. September meeting minutes and treasurer's report approved. Call for officer nominations for President and Secretary was requested. No one stepped forward. Discussion of needing officers to remain a guild lasted for about 1/2 an hour. To move things forward, it was suggested that having interim officers would be helpful. Kelly Stodola for Secretary and Meg Tryba for President. It was moved that we would send out a letter to the 2016 guild membership list on potential dissolution of the guild and a vote at the November 10th meeting would be necessary. Ballot and details would be included in the letter. Membership dues were also moved to November. In the days that followed, members interested in the officer positions stepped forward. We will not need to have a dissolution vote. Please come to the November meeting with your 2017 dues and the agenda will include a team building exercise lead by Eileen Van Dyk. Officers will also be voted on. We look forward to building a stronger guild in 2017 and hope to see everyone there! November Hostesses are Hope Dietrich and Barb Rogers.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

September Meeting Notes

Hi Everyone - this is Kelly - doing the notes due to Mary's email issues. Apologize for the late send out - AQS must have fried my brain last week! September Meeting Notes: August Notes and treasurer's report were reviewed and accepted. Show - Went over all the details for the show - set-up, take-down. Baskets were all brought in. We will have a show re-cap at tonight's meeting. Thank you to all the members that participated with quilts and support! Tonight's meeting - 6 PM - St. Luke's - Potluck. We will be deciding on President and Secretary positions. I don't have the hostess list - so hope folks remember to bring drinks! :) See you tonight!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Thank you to all that came out to visit us at the quilt show this weekend! Here is the awards list from the show - 2016 Quilt Show Winners King 1- #8 Holiday Log Cabin – Betty Schmit 2 - #14 Winner’s Bouquet – Eileen Van Dyk 3 - #15 Fabulous and Then Some – Donelle Fisk Full/Queen 1 - #20 Turkey Plume – formerly known as Spice Market – Jean Potter 2 - #21 Family Tree – Sue Powers 3 - #34 Bright Log Cabin – Mary Simonds Twin 1 - #53Joe’s Flannel Quilt – JoDee Johnston 2 - #50 Trail’s End – Betty Schmit 3 - #57 2014 WI State Mystery – Sandy Balcerek Lap/Throw 1 - #63 Gypsy Wife – JoDee Johnston 2 - #61 Red, White & Black Pineapple – Jean Potter 3 - #70 Somerset Star – Kelly Stodola Crib/Baby 1 - #81 Dots and Animals – Betty Schmit 2 - #82 Etta’s Quilt – Bridget Larson 3 - #80 Happy First Birthday, Addie – Jean Krumm Wall Hanging 1 - #112 2013 Falling Leaves – Sandy Balcerek 2 - #102 Watercolor Window – Mary Gosse 3 - #92 Mexican Star – JoDee Johnston Table Treatment 1 - #120 Harvest Time – Linda Andert 2 - #127 Kim’s Placemats – Eileen Van Dyk 3 - #122 Peachy Keen – Kelly Stodola Misc 1 - #135 Woven Carry All – Meg Tryba 2 - #131 Christmas Stocking – Patsy Larson 3 - #134 Feathered Star Pillow – Meg Tryba Best of Show Lumina Feathered Star – Patsy Larson

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Meeting Notes

September meeting is at 6:30 @ St. Luke's - Hostesses are Dale Ann Swanson, Jean Potter and Mary Simonds

Show & Tell
July Meeting Minutes Approved
July Treasurers Report Approved

Quilt Show
Sign-ups for Schedule passed around. Kelly has also emailed them out - please email Kelly with the times you can work.
Registrations for Quilts are due by this FRIDAY 9/2/16 to Sandy Balcerak. Forms sent out in previous email.

Challenge Quilt Voting - Thanks to everyone who participated. Prize winners were Kelly Stodola - 1st, Cheri Schmitt, 2nd and Cindy Peer, 3rd

Binding Demo - Thanks to Jean Potter for the demo and for everyone to share tips!

The September Meeting 

Remember your raffle baskets - they are due! We will be wrapping them up with the cellophane that night of the meeting.

Quilt Show Prep and notes

Demo - Tube Sewing.

See you next week!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Important Show Dates - Quilt Show Registrations Due!

Please check your email for the registration forms for your quilts. These are due no later than Friday 9/2/16 to Sandy Balcerak. You can email, mail to Sandy or drop off at Topstitchery in Roberts WI.

Raffle Baskets are due at the guild meeting 9/8/16. Please make arrangements to drop off if you cannot make the meeting.

Should be a great show!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

July Meeting Notes

President Erica called meeting to order.

Apologies given regarding miscommunications for Sew Days at Stanton Town Hall.

Show and Tell of projects/items.

We wish to thank hostesses: Mary Jo Allison, Linda Justmann, Becky Koehler

August hostesses will be: Mary Lou Curtis, Erica Olson, Rhonda Rimarcik

Secretary notes approved (CP/LA) for May and June since June Meeting had no business meeting;

Current Treasurer’s report approved (CP/LA)

Sandy B gave update on “Twenty Years – Past, Present, Future” Quilt Show and registration forms
distributed with absolute date of 9/16 if entered project is not finished and needs to be withdrawn.

Instead of silent auction items, baskets to be raffled – sign-up sheet distributed with category choices
(value up to $50). Finish baskets by Sept 8th meeting please. Quilt Raffle tickets were distributed.
Unsold tickets must be returned to her by Sept 24th . Show times Sept 24 is 9 am to 4 pm; Sept 25 is
11 am to 3 pm with raffle drawing at 3 pm. Sign-up sheets with work assignment schedules at

upcoming meetings.

Discussion on need for greater shared commitment on the part of all members of the Guild in order to
run smoothly, maintain our membership, and grow as well as provide for the needs of our
membership. Please think about ways to improve our communications, involvement, and help
determine which aspects of the Guild may need to be discontinued and what areas need more focus
so we can improve on fulfilling the needs of the group as we re-define our priorities.
With several members leaving, continue to encourage others to join us; be there for our election of
new officers this fall and sign up for committees and projects; we need a firm commitment and
dedicated follow-through so we can move forward. Please feel free to contact Erica with anything you wish to share.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Simonds, Secretary Next meeting on August 11, at 6:30 pm

-- - When the notes/reminder for the August meeting go out, can you include a reminder for members to bring their completed Challenge projects in for voting? Projects should be brought in a brown paper bag and should includetheir magazine article/picture they used for inspiration along with an indication of their birthstone. Members can take their items home after the meeting until the show.

-- - From Windmill Piecemakers on the morning of September 10th, Darlene Zimmerman will come for a half day event which includes a trunk show. There will be an additional speaker doing a demo on thread, and also vendors. Entry fee will be $5.00 and it will take place at Baldwin High School.

-- - Sandy also sent registration form for entering quilts and raffle basket sign up list with openings for more to help.


August Meeting - 8/11/16 - 2016 Challenge Quilt Voting!

Hi Everyone! We are excited to see everyone's 2016 Challenge Quilts! Please remember to bring your finished and bound quilt along with the magazine page you were inspired by to the meeting tonight - you should have the project enclosed in a paper bag and if you labeled your quilt, make sure to cover up your name.

We will also go over Quilt Show info at tonights meeting - see you all there!

Monday, July 11, 2016

June Meeting Notes

President Erica called meeting to order.

Being a picnic meeting no official business was conducted.

Show and Tell of projects/items.

We wish to thank hostesses: Alicia Range Cypher, Chasity Cypher

July hostesses will be: Mary Jo Allison, Linda Justmann, Erica Olson

Note from previous minutes as a reminder - “Quilt Show Committee: Theme Twenty Years – Past,
Present, Future Instead of silent auction items, baskets to be raffled - details on basket values,
themes, and how many and made by whom to be determined. Sandy will be bringing flyers,
bookmarks, photos of finished quilt and more raffle tickets next month. Tickets in books of 6 with $1
per ticket or 6 for $5 were distributed to those present. Everyone is encouraged to sell all five books
they were given. Unsold tickets must be returned to her by Sept 24 th . 9/24 is 9 am to 4 pm; 9/25 is 11am to 3 pm with raffle drawing at 3 pm.”

Respectfully submitted, Mary Simonds, Secretary

Next meeting on July 14, at 6:30 pm

Monday, June 13, 2016

Missouri Star Quilt Co Trip!

Hudson Guild is Trying to put together a Missouri Star bus trip on Oct. 26-27.  It's just a two-day trip and sounds like it should be fun...and affordable (only about $139 or less per person, double occupancy...need to firm that up). The tentative agenda as I know at this point is:
Leave Hudson around 7 a.m. on Wed., Oct. 26
Box lunches provided on bus
Arrive Missouri early- to mid-afternoon and do a bit of shopping,  
  looking around
Pizza dinner (?) at the hotel (about 20 minutes away)
Continental breakfast at the hotel
Shopping until mid-afternoon at Missouri Star shops
Head for home, on-your-own dinner at a fast-food place on the way
Arrive Hudson by 10 p.m.

Need to know how many SERIOUS travelers are interested.  Would like to know this month, please by the 25th of June. - Please contact Alicia if interested.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016 Raffle Quilt!

2016 Willow River Piecemakers Raffle Quilt!
See any member for your tickets - $1 or 6 for $5!

Winner will be drawn at our 2016 Fall Quilt Show - need not be present to win.

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

May Meeting Notes

May 12, 2016 Meeting Notes

President Erica called meeting to order.

Show and Tell of projects/items.

We wish to thank hostesses: Jean Krumm, Patsy Larson, Betty Schmit

June hostesses will be: Alicia Range Cypher, Chasity Cypher

Secretary Minutes approved for March and April (CP/LJ) and Treasurer’s Report was approved (LJ/MT).

Correspondence read. Announcements. Updates shared. Discussion on location of
June Picnic. Mary Park or potentially Paperjack Park with rain site to be at St. Luke’s.
*** meeting to be at St. Luke’s as usual***
Retreat Committee: Motion carried (JJ/MB) to have Jan. 13-15 Retreat at Oak Forest

Program Committee: ¼” stitch presentation after meeting tonight. Sew Days Event
for June 17-18 at Stanton Town Hall. Interest sheets were available for two other
projects so response will determine if those activities are to be offered.

Quilt Show Committee: Theme Twenty Years – Past, Present, Future Instead of
silent auction items, baskets to be raffled - details on basket values, themes, and how
many and made by whom to be determined. Sandy will be bringing flyers, bookmarks,
photos of finished quilt and more raffle tickets next month. Tickets in books of 6 with $1
per ticket or 6 for $5 were distributed to those present. Everyone is encouraged to sell
all five books they were given. Unsold tickets must be returned to her by Sept 24 th .
Sept. 24th is 9 am to 4 pm; Sept. 25th is 11 am to 3 pm with raffle drawing at 3 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Simonds, Secretary

Next meeting on June 9 at 6:00 pm

Picnic site – At regular meeting location - Pot Luck

Friday, May 13, 2016

Perfect 1/4" Inch Info

Lots of great tip sharing last night! Jean had shown us a cool tool - Perfect Piecing Seam Guide. You can find it a most quilt shops - little yellow ruler -

Sewing Perfect 1/4"

Really want “scant” – so just a bit less than ¼ - the thicker your sewing thread, the more scant you need it to be because of the extra space it will take when pressing.

Quiltville Technique:

McCall’s Quilting:

Tip 1
Check your sewing machine feet – You may already have a ¼ foot. If not, purchasing a 3rd party foot that fits your machine could be a wise purchase!

Tip 2
Put down a length of tape so it gives you a longer runway!

Tip 3
Tack down a stack of post its – gives you a ridge to go along

Tip 4
Test your project fabric and thread – things change! Testing now will save you tons of time and frustration when making your blocks!

Tip 5 - does your piecing kinda slide and you get crooked sewing? Adjust your pressor foot pressure! Check your machine manual on how to do it. (I remembered I had loosened mine quite awhile back and never tightened when I returned to piecing!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

April 2016 Meeting Notes

Willow River Piecemakers Quilt Guild – New Richmond, WI

April 14, 2016 Meeting Notes

President Erica called meeting to order.

Show and Tell of projects/items.

We wish to thank hostesses: Sandy Balcerek, Linda Andert, & Jean Potter

May hostesses will be: Jean Krumm, Patsy Larson, Betty Schmit

Correspondence read. Announcements. Updates shared. Some give-away items brought in.

Erica will do an agenda for the business meetings with Committee Chairs sending items to her early

enough for inclusion. If no agenda, no business meeting, just social and show & tell. This was one of those sharing meetings enjoyed by all.

Caring Quilts: Two fire quilts distributed; 1 to New Richmond Ambulance for their fundraiser; 9 lap
robes to Deerfield; 9 to St. Croix Health Center. Mary Jo, one of our members, is moving and shared
items for caring quilt committee. 30 quilts left to be distributed which includes 3 baby blankets.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Simonds, Secretary Next meeting on May 12 at 6:30 pm

May - program for those who wish to stay - perfect ¼” seam will show how to do so on a machine that the needle moves and on machine where it does not.

WRPM Meeting Agenda 5/12/16 6:30 p.m.

Call to Order & Show and Tell (30 minutes)

Approval of minutes and Treasury Report

Old Business


a.) Retreat (10 min.)

1.) Decision must be made tonight

a.) Program (10 min)

b.) Quilt Show (15 min)

Let’s do our best to keep the meeting under an hour so we can enjoy the potential nice

weather! Thanks Everyone

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Meeting Minutes

President Erica called meeting to order.

Show and Tell of projects/items.

We wish to thank hostesses: JoDee Johnson, Cheri Schmitt, Meg Byram
April 14 hostesses will be: Sandy Balcerek, Linda Andert, & Jean Potter

Secretary’s minutes for February approved (CP,MT).   Treasurer’s report for February approved. (JJ,MT).    Correspondence was read.  Announcements.

Eileen reported on upcoming retreat. We voted to cancel April Retreat due to more cancellations.  Discussion on upcoming retreat plans.  More information being gathered on sites and dates.   More activities potentially at Stanton Town Hall.

 Sandy B. reported back on nametags as supplier no longer available.  Further options reviewed.

Photos of previous projects available to pick up.  Items from scrapbooks were/are being scanned into our webpage and will be maintained online.  

Erica mentioned that May meeting to be a Sew Day on “perfect ¼ inch seams”

Erica reported on doing an agenda for the business meetings with Committee Chairs sending  agenda items to her early enough for distribution.   If no agenda, no business meeting, just social & show & tell.  The concept was widely accepted and should eliminate business at every meeting.

Please grab you snacks and be seated and ready to begin the meeting at 6:30 pm prompt.

Meeting adjourned (PL,CP)

Respectfully submitted, Mary Simonds, Secretary                  Next meeting on April 14h at 6:30 pm

Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Meeting Notes

Hi Guys - before you review the notes - let me know if you will be participating in the February Fabric Fun Program -

January 21, 2016 Meeting Notes

Date change from usual second Thursday due to conflict in availability of church for our meeting.

Show & Tell and Round Tuits were shared.  This included items from Quilt Retreat participants.

President Erica called meeting to order.

We wish to thank hostesses: Bridget Larson, Heidi Headlee & Meg Tryba

February hostesses will be:  Kelly Stodola, Bridget Larson. Barb Schieffer

Guests were introduced.

Secretary’s minutes for December approved (KS/MT).   Treasurer’s report for December approved.   Correspondence was read.

Meg Tryba gave information on challenge project “birthstone challenge”. 40”x40” maximum size, no minimum size and must use some of fabric provided but can add any fabrics of your choice to it.  Due August meeting.

Meg T reported back on box project (Deadline was passed so no funds were expended.)

Program Committee: - offered Sunday February 7th as an outing for the Red Wing Quilt Show; sign up sheet passed. Contact Kelly S if interested.

Program Committee has come up with a fun activity for Feb. mtg.   Members please bring:

- ¼ yd of fabric (red, pink or white with pink or red in it) but not Christmas fabric.

- permanent fabric marker (if you have one)

- an item to Mod-Podge, if they would like, (ie. stretched canvas, burlap, box, shelf etc.)

On Feb. 6th at St. Luke’s Church in New Richmond they are having a work day to sew carrying bags

for the NR Empty Bowls event.  If you can sew, pin, cut, count or carry, they need your help. Lunch

provided.  8:30 am – 2:00 pm.

 Retreat information from Oak Forest Center:

April Retreat will be 8th-10th with three rooms and 5 meals at $95 @. Please sign up at next meeting

so we can get in final count.       Policy changes there eliminate having any Thurs. – Sun. stays and

check-in and check-out times are changing as well.

Discussion on future retreats.  Birch Park, Houlton mentioned as potential option.  Also returning to

Lake Wapo.  Discussion on need to provide our own meals.  Retreat Committee members would

appreciate your ideas so recommendations can come forth at future meetings.  Contact Eileen Van

Dyk or another Retreat Committee member please (Rhonda R, Jean P, or Mary S)

Meeting adjourned (KS/JP)

Respectfully submitted, Mary Simonds, Secretary

Next meeting on February 11th at 6:30 pm

Sunday, January 31, 2016

February Fabric Fun!

Dig into your stashes! Bring red,white or pink fabrics1/4 yard or even your scraps! We are going to be swimming in hearts! (Any fun fabrics really! The more scrappier, the merrier! 

Project 1- No Sew Fabric Fun! 
You will need:
Un-fused fabric (see above)
Canvas of your choice
(Or any other surface you want to decoupage on.
Please paint your canvas(or other item) a couple days before the meeting, you may need 2-3 coats. Needs to be absolutely dry or the mod podge can peel the paint.

Project #2 Handmade with Love Stitchery. You will need: 8"x8" starched fabric,coordinating binding and heart fabric. 3.5" square with fusible on the back. We will trace the design and cut out your heart. You will be amazed at how fast! You can stitch at home in an evening!

Project #3 Hugs Mug Rug
You will need: Make a quilt sandwich before the meeting. I just did a small 8"x8" sandwich with simple not so straight line quilting! After quilting, square it up. I will have some fused "hugs" words already to go! You will pick out hearts and then bring home to hand or machine sew into your quilt sandwich. Add cute binding and it's a great little gift for yourself or a loved one!

I am leading the project for Program committee, so just let me know if you have any questions!

Kelly Stodola

Monday, January 4, 2016

December 2015 Notes

December 10, 2015 Meeting Notes

This was our Christmas party so we enjoyed a variety of wonderful foods.

 Show & Tell and Round Tuits were shared.

President Erica called a brief meeting to order.
We wish to thank hostesses:  JoDee Johnston, Eileen Van Dyk,  Mary Gosse

January hostesses will be:  Lynette Dahlquist, Heidi Headlee & Meg Tryba
Guests were introduced.

Secretary’s minutes for November approved (CP/ LJ).   Treasurer’s report for November approved. ( CP/KS).    Correspondence was read.

Meg Tryba gave information on challenge project “birthstone challenge” with more detail to come.
She also inquired if we wished to participate in box project this year. Motion (LJ/HH) carried to authorize up to $100 to fill two boxes.

 Retreat information from Oak Forest Center: January 7-10, 2016 with 5 rooms reserved. Cost is $137.50 for the 3 nights lodging and 7 meals. Information sheets, sign up sheets to bring items, and final sign up sheets were passed.  We need a minimum of 24 under terms of contract.  For Fri. thru Sun. with 2 nights and 5 meals $95.00.  Checks payable to Oak Forest Center by arrangement with our Treasurer Bridget.              April Retreat will be 8th-10th with three rooms and 5 meals at $95 @.

Help them keep warm this Christmas – members brought in items to donate to residents of the Lowry Hotel.  That opportunity was no longer available so items were sorted and distributed to  Our Neighbors House and  Turning Point in River Falls and THUG in Somerset.  Thank you to all who brought in items.                            

Meeting adjourned ( LJ/KS)

Respectfully submitted, Mary Simonds, Secretary  

Next meeting on January 14th at 6:30 pm