Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Meeting Minutes

Posting minutes as Interim Secretary - Kelly Stodola Our annual meeting took place. We had a potluck - thanks to our hostesses and everyone that brought delicious treats! Show and tell was completed. September meeting minutes and treasurer's report approved. Call for officer nominations for President and Secretary was requested. No one stepped forward. Discussion of needing officers to remain a guild lasted for about 1/2 an hour. To move things forward, it was suggested that having interim officers would be helpful. Kelly Stodola for Secretary and Meg Tryba for President. It was moved that we would send out a letter to the 2016 guild membership list on potential dissolution of the guild and a vote at the November 10th meeting would be necessary. Ballot and details would be included in the letter. Membership dues were also moved to November. In the days that followed, members interested in the officer positions stepped forward. We will not need to have a dissolution vote. Please come to the November meeting with your 2017 dues and the agenda will include a team building exercise lead by Eileen Van Dyk. Officers will also be voted on. We look forward to building a stronger guild in 2017 and hope to see everyone there! November Hostesses are Hope Dietrich and Barb Rogers.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

September Meeting Notes

Hi Everyone - this is Kelly - doing the notes due to Mary's email issues. Apologize for the late send out - AQS must have fried my brain last week! September Meeting Notes: August Notes and treasurer's report were reviewed and accepted. Show - Went over all the details for the show - set-up, take-down. Baskets were all brought in. We will have a show re-cap at tonight's meeting. Thank you to all the members that participated with quilts and support! Tonight's meeting - 6 PM - St. Luke's - Potluck. We will be deciding on President and Secretary positions. I don't have the hostess list - so hope folks remember to bring drinks! :) See you tonight!