Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Meeting Notes

December 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes

New President Eileen Van Dyk called the meeting to order:

6 Christmas stocking were brought to the meeting for show and tell.  Patsy Larson moved me donate them to Grace Place. 2nd by Mindy.  Motion approved.  Jean Krumm offered to drop them off at Grace Place during the day.  Linda A. also gave her some pillowcases to donate also.

Cheri Schmidt informed us that her daughter Carrie received a caring quilt and she absolutely loves it!!  She stated that the chemo is holding her daughter’s cancer steady by the side effects of the medications is tough.  There was a thank you read also from Carrie.

A correction was made from last month’s meeting minutes by Patsys.  Louis Armstrong in the minutes should have been Louis Germain.  Correction noted.

Many new ideas and topics were discussed at the meeting.  Eileen is working on a program booklet to hand out to the group with a schedule of events for the year.  She is hoping to have it available for January with new events to be added through the year.  There will be a truck show at the April meeting from Amanda Jean Nyberg from Sunday Morning Quilts. JoDee Johnston contacted Amanda and will be her contact.
There was discussion of doing a block of the month as a group from the book Farm Girl Vintage.  This will be decided at the January meeting.  Everyone will need to purchase the book if they are interested.  Alicia from quilt shop will give us a price break on the books if we decide to proceed.

Budget  - There was discussion of using last year’s expenditures for putting together a budget for this upcoming year.  If was brought up by Meg Tryba to increase the budget for the raffle quilt as it’s hard to put together a nice raffle quilt for the current budget. Patsy stated that she is on the raffle quilt committee for the upcoming quilt and that she has started on it and is using fabric from the quild’s fabric that is at Betty Schmit’s house.
Dues  - Dues are $15.00 this year.  They are being collected at this time.

Retreat  -  January’s retreat is at Oak Forrest Center in Frederic.  Jan 13-15th, 2017.  This is a Friday to Sunday retreat this year.  There are signup sheets going around.  They are hoping for 15-18 if possible.  I believe there were 12 people signed up at the time of the meeting.  Please get a hold of Eilleen Van Dyk if you are still interested in attending.

Kelly S. moved to adjourn the meeting.  2nd by Linda A.  Meeting adjourned.  

Potluck was enjoyed at the meeting. Kelly Stodola  and Bridget Larson.  Thank you.   Show and tell was done and we played the dice game, everyone winning fat quarters as prizes.  Fun was had by all.

Next month’s meeting will be January 12th, 2017.  This will be the evening before the retreat starts.

January Hostesses are Meg Tryba and Heidi Headlee.

We are hoping to have more demonstrations during the year and education opportunities.  Eileen is working on getting a speaker for the month of July.  She showed an example of a pillow at the meeting.  The group was interested in the pillow project.

Please be thinking about what quilting tips you can share with the group.  Or if you are interested in doing a demo, please let Eileen or any of the officers know.

Also, I just wanted to the let the guild know that the officers have met and discussed the many topics and issues from the November team building event.  A huge thank you goes out to Eileen for organizing this challenging and hopefully productive event.  We are working to make the guild meetings more streamlined and hopefully more educational and fun.  Please bring any ideas or suggestions forward to the group.

JoDee Johnston

Friday, December 2, 2016

November Meeting Notes

Thanks to everyone that attended our November Meeting. Our December meeting is a potluck and starts at 6:00 PM - St. Luke's. Hostesses are: Kelly Stodola & Bridget Larson Please remember to bring a Xmas stocking you have created to the meeting if you wish to participate in the donation. We will decide organization to receive the stockings at the December meeting. We will play the dice game, so bring a fat quarter if you wish to participate. Retreat funds are due (please see retreat info below.) If you have not paid your dues, those are also due. Please bring your Show & Tell! November Meeting Notes: Meeting began with a brief update on the October meeting info and the letter sent out to members. We then participated in a group session led by Eileen Van Dyk. This session was very valuable to determining next steps for the guild. Good news is that we are staying a guild! More info on updates to come. Nominations for President (Eileen Van Dyk) and Secretary (JoDee Johnston) were made and approved. Congratulations to our new officers! October Meeting minutes and Treasurer's Report were approved. We sent out a check to the Hudson High School Band Hawaii fundraiser for $579.00. Correspondence: Lori sent in a $40 donation to the guild due to our giving of a caring quilt to Louie Armstrong. Retreat - Sign-ups went around having members say Yes/No/Maybe to retreat. Retreat Cost is $102 for 4 people in a room. $94 for 5-7 people in a room. Most people seemed to prefer 4 people in a room. Please contact Eileen if you have a group of 5-7 in a room. Stockings Donation - Approved motion that WRPM members if they wish, can make Xmas stockings to bring to the December meeting. We will determine recipients at the December meeting. There is a free pattern here - Quilt Show - See attached reports Somerset Library Pillowcases Opportunity - Sewers are meeting up at the Somerset Library on Monday evenings from 5-7. Please call ahead if you will be going as not sure how many weeks they will continue this.