Monday, May 1, 2017

April Meeting Notes

April’s meeting date was changed due to Maundy Thursday.  The main event was speaker Amanda Jean Nyberg.  Sunday Morning Quilts.  Amanda did a trunk show with her scrap quilts along with some organizational ideas for a quilt room.  It was a great show with a chance to purchase books and patterns.

Other business covered:  Eileen talked about Mystical Rose Gardens in Baldwin as a possibility for a small retreat in the future.  Max ability to sew is 12, sleeps 10 in bunks, summer is weekdays only, the possibility could be some people who just come for the day and others that sleep there, 2-night minimum at $200.00 per night for the whole group.

New Project: Barb Rogers and Hope Dietrich explained a project for this month’s meeting night - Sewing Bee Contest – May 11th, 2017 at 6:30 pm.  See the attachment for complete details.  Teams were picked as follows:  Team 1 – Cindy Peer, Judy Brust, Hope, Jean Potter, and Pam Caduff.  Team 2 – Mary Lou, Karen, Linda Andert.  Team 3 – Becky, Bridget, Eileen, and JoDee.  Team 4 – Linda Justman, Mary Pagel, and Barb Rogers.  Please remember to bring the items you discussed as a team at the last meeting.  If you happened to miss the meeting, we will find you a team to be on to participate if you want.  Bring cutting equipment, sewing machines, ironing equipment, etc.  The projects will be displayed at A Little Piece of Mind from May 16-31st.  Make sure to stop in at the quilt shop and vote for your favorite!!  Should be fun!!  Winners will be awarded at the June meeting.
The Farmgirl Vintage block of the month will start in June, possibly 4 blocks per month.  Pam and Mary G. will have more details to provide soon.

Hostess was Patsy Larson.  

Reminder:  St. Croix County Fair Entry forms are due May 31, 2017 – no later

For the upcoming May Meeting:  Discussion topic will be Quilt show – bring your creativity, we need suggestions and ideas!!  We will continue with the By-Law Review, if there is time.  Share your accuracy tips, tools and techniques.  Show and tell is bring your latest creations.  Program will be the Sewing Bee Contest.

Hostesses for May’s meeting are Dale Ann Swanson and Cheri Schmitt

Linda Andert called and asked me to add to the meeting minutes about the projects for the month of June.  We need to be thinking about the Barn quilt project so some of the prep work can be done ahead of time.  Be thinking about the patterns you want to paint, the size options, 2,3,4 foot, so the boards can be cut and primed prior to the time of painting.  What colors of paint to be purchased?  June’s meeting will be at Linda Andert’s home with Potluck Meal.  Linda, please provide us with directions at the May meeting.

As for the barn quilt project, could we get a firm number of people who want to participate so we can figure out the finances, materials needed, supplies, and costs.  If you are planning on participating, could you please reply to this email?  We may need to continue the barn quilt project on another day other than the potluck day due to paint needing to dry, etc. This may need to be a 2-evening project or on a Saturday.  Please be prepared with your thoughts of how you may want to handle this.

Tie Quilts:  This was on the program for the month of May.  We have decided to wait and tie quilts after we have more tops completed and ready to tie.  Perhaps after the Sewing Bee Contest is completed.  More to come on this topic.  Be mindful of when you would like to do this.  Before a meeting?  Or on a weekend, possibly at Stanton Town Hall.