About Us

Hello and welcome to the Willow River Piecemakers website! We are a quilt guild in New Richmond, Wisconsin which is located in the West Central region of the state. The public is welcome to attend our monthly meetings, so come and see what we are all about. You can click on Membership for information on meeting times, and locations.

Our mission is to educate the public about quilting, to share our talents for the betterment of others, to learn new techniques and ideas, and at the same time, to make friends and have fun! 

Our guild was founded in October of 1996, and we have grown to approximately 40 members. What do we do at the meetings? Well, most of the time, we laugh and eat. But in between, we do take care of business and we have lots of activities throughout the year. Some of these include sewing classes given by guild members or guest instructors, which are often free to members.

We have various committees that offer many ways for members to focus their interests and talents. For example, we create a quilt for the first baby born of the calendar year at Westfields Hospital. Our “Caring Quilts” committee coordinates the making and donating of quilts to those in need of comfort and reassurance in troubled times, such as loss from a fire or illness. We also coordinate making and donating quilts for military personnel.

The guild often donates time and money to benefit groups and individuals in our community and outlying communities. We take pride in our work and our contributions and for many of us, it is a way to give back. We hope you will take a moment to explore our website, check out a meeting some time, or consider becoming a member. Dues are only $15 per year, and most of us consider that the best money we spend all year. Even better than fat quarters ~ and that's saying something! Thank you for visiting!

Warm regards,
Willow River Piecemakers